There should be a mandatory retirement age for political representatives.

University Of Technology Jamaica

Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies

School of Humanities and Social Science

B.A Communication, Arts and Technology

Jodian Dixon – 1506022

Module: Academic Writing II (COM2014)

Topic: There should be a mandatory retirement age for political representatives.

Assignment: Introduction

Lecturer: Ms. Burris

Date: October 29, 2018

Why is there a mandatory age for retirement for any job? The concept worldwide is that you work all your life you should retire at least age sixty to sixty-five. A person at that age body starts to deteriorate and negatively affect their ability to deliver consistent work. An older representative may be fully aware of the ins and outs of the system, however their mind and body may no longer permit every individual to perform as they used to. With all that in mind educators, doctors and lawyers who are all equally important to any country has a retirement age, why then is there none for a political representative? .Are they not humans too? There should be a mandatory retirement age for political representatives in order to aid the country in forward mobility in technology as well as to make room for a younger workforce and eradicate common misconceptions of politicians. Until the country puts a retirement age in place young persons will have little to no interest in the government and possibly turn to violence.

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