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Observation Plan

“According to child development specialists, one of the most accurate ways to learn about children is to observe them in daily activities” (Wortham, 2012, p. 117).  Among the many types of observation discussed in Chapter 5, anecdotal records, running records, time sampling, and event sampling are widely used in schools and centers across the nation.  […]

WATER BY THE SPOONFUL PLAY – 700 word writing homework

Read the play Water by the Spoonful. This play has a wide range of characters and experiences. Write a 700 word paper answering;1.    What issues are part of the ethnic and minority studies?2.    What issues in the play represent concerns we’ve had in other plays?You will find 2 parts attached for the play, read them and get familiar with […]

Analysis and explanation of those quotes

You will write one long paragraph for each, with the thesis in the first sentence, at least three supporting ideas, other quotes or references to help analysis and explanation of those quotes, modern contextualization, and a concluding sentence.   Each paragraph should be 10 sentences minimumThe quotes from other.“Quite rightly, we do not normally take the […]

Engl 301

Major Writing Project 2Major Writing Project 2:  Entering a Conversation (4 pages)Instructions:  Chooseoneof the sets of essays listed below (Kelly and Gladstone together make up a “set”; Carr and Thompson together make up a “set,” etc.).  Your essay should include summaries of both of the authors’ arguments (“they say”); your argument should point out how the […]


write an summary for chapter 14, and chose one company related to this chapter do a PPT, analysis the common between the company and chapter 14

The Great Gatspy Paper

Paper 1 turns out to be five paragraphs in length, with the three bodyparagraphs written with 20 sentences each.  That means that the  bodyparagraphs will be 20 sentences long, or a total of 60 sentences.  Theopening and closing paragraphs will be about five or so sentences inlength.6. Paper 1 Preparation6.1. Module 6.1: Getting Started–the Openng […]

Can you help me with my assignment!!!

The Assignment:This assignment will have two parts:1.) SummarySummarize in 150-200 words the article your instructor has chosen from the assignment: “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” on pages 270-274 of your 9th edition textbook (or on pages 276-279 of your 8th edition textbook or pages 287-291 in your 7th edition textbook).  In this summary, you should relay […]