Limitations of the Noor Dubai campaign

1- Limitations of the Noor Dubai campaign

The Noor Dubai awareness campaign is steered by the Noor foundation whose chief mission is to combat global blindness especially among the disadvantaged groups (Jill and Hugh, 2001). The Noor awareness campaign has made tremendous strides towards tackling global blindness and poverty related issues. However a few hitches have affected the delivery of this campaign. There exist a handful of awareness campaigns in Dubai especially in the health line. These include the Dubai HVC public health awareness and the Dubai anti-smoking campaign (Sorel, 2013). The two campaigns have been rated to be miles ahead of the Noor Dubai campaign.

The campaign has encountered a series of setbacks that have been caused by hitches experienced. The economic constraints experienced by the campaign have been the major source of snags for the campaign. All their activities require intensive amounts of capital. They have been drawing various strategies to raise cash for their campaigns. This has not been an easy task. The natures of their campaigns example cataract surgeries have been consuming literary even the unavailable cash (Jullie and Hugh, 2001). For instance a single cataract surgery costs ten US dollars.

The other glitch experienced is inadequacy of experienced personnel. With the nature of the venture most cash oriented eyesight experts have shunned the campaign. This has been a major drawback to their different missions. Reduction of blindness requires a batch of highly experienced opticians. Inadequacy of eyesight experts in the campaign has paralyzed the whole plan (. The campaign is duped a global campaign, however the effect of the campaign has not been felt worldwide. The sum up of these drawbacks however has been overshadowed by the achievements.

The campaign has really made a great impact in the eyesight health sector in and out of Dubai. The campaign has made a series of achievements. This includes creation of awareness on eyesight glitches to a better part of the global population. There exists a consignment of illnesses that result in blindness and even death of the victims. They have managed to curb these by offering free treatment to victims of the illness.

In the year 2012 during the world sight day the Noor foundation carried out intensive campaigns on a number of health problems. Their theme was diabetic retinopathy. They succeeded in screening inmates and other persons in the rehabilitation centers in the United Arab Emirates. The ministry of medical services in Dubai offered them support in their quest. The campaign also launched an awareness campaign using short message services (sms) which has been duped as a success. The Noor campaign has received a number of awards.

If I was to be in charge of the campaign I would give a number of proposals to enhance achievement of its goals. First, I would make efforts to gather support from world governments. This would facilitate gathering of resources to enable intensification of the campaign. The second effort would be linking the Noor foundation with other health organizations in the world and other campaigns like the Dubai HVC public health awareness campaign. Linking with other organizations would bring economies of scale to the campaign. This would also facilitate sourcing of experts form the other organization. Finally I would ensure that the internal organization of the Foundation was in the right order. Success and charity begins at home. External success is always proportional to the internal organization.


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