Senior Management,

Erica Powell


Global Proposal/


Senior Management,

As an accomplished professional with many years in this industry, the signs are pointing to making

more moves toward growth. Chick-fil-a has grown over the past 5 years, and developed a major respect

from the consumer. In my eyes the company is at a great position to go global. This proposal will go

over the advantages, and the research to stand behind those advantages.

Chick-fil-a has the original chicken sandwich. Chick-fil-a is not only known for the chicken sandwich,

but the customer service. With reaching out to the northern states, so many other states are wishing to

be gifted with a Chick-fil-a. Going global could give other countries, the opportunity to experience the

delicious food and customer service. The organization has a strong culture background. Closing on

Sundays, and other cultures will be highly respected by other culture’s. The proposal will include:

How the organization’s missions and values will be shown.

How the global change will happen and how.

Why the change should happen

Thanks for taking the time to review my proposal on taking Chick-fil-a to the next level, globally.


Erica Powell


Chick-fil-a. (2019). Who We Are. Retrieved April 8, 2019, from

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