Value-What are you worth

Final paper Information Due Sunday Week 7 11:59pm

Value-What are you worth?Throughout this term, we will focus on the word “value.” Your final paper will focus on not just that word, but that concept as well. I want you to explain the “value” of your life.  I want you answer all of these questions in some way. 

What are you worth to yourself? 

What gives you value to others? 

What is valuable to you? Finally, what is the value of the degree you are earning? 


Keep in mind that the answers to these questions will vary from person to person. There is no right or wrong answer. The point of this paper is to explain how your answers are right for you. How does knowing these answers help you as you move on to the next stage of your life?Use the videos and readings throughout the semester as a jumping off point for this paper. Do not feel that you must agree with every single thing we read or watched. In fact, some of the best aspects of your paper may come from disagreeing with something you read. If you think that the author or speaker had an idea that is totally off base, use that to explain your own point of view. Parameters:The paper must be in proper APA format with proper APA citations. This paper must be between 2500 and 3000 words. The cover page and reference page do NOT count toward the total word count. You may only have 5% or less of the paper in direct quotes. 

You must synthesize both major readings (The Great Gatsby and Lost in Thought) PLUS at least 3 of the weekly readings, podcasts and/or videos for a total of FIVE sources minimum. More is allowed and encouraged. Additionally, you must include at least 3 concepts (you may use more) or ideas that you learned from your other courses at SHU. I am NOT giving you permission to use excerpts from assignments you turned in in your previous classes, but I want you to explain how the information you learned either from course materials, instructors or classmates. 

If you are stuck, ask yourself these questions. You do not have to answer them all. 

How did what you learned in a course in your major change the value of your degree? 

How did taking a Philosophy or Religion course add value to your education and ultimately your degree? 

How did an internship or practicum you did during your time add value to the degree you have earned? How does the degree, ultimately, add value to your life? I am assigning this on week one, but it is not due until the last minute of the last day of class. YOU MAY NOT TURN IT IN LATE. Take notes as you read. The better your notes, the better your paper will be. Start this early. This paper is worth HALF of your final grade. Take this seriously. If you have questions, you need to ask. 

Here is how the paper is weighted:

20 Percent APA

40 Percent Grammar and Conventions

40 Percent Content

This is a 400 level course and the paper should represent this. 

Finally, if you would like the chance to earn a 10 percent bonus/extra credit on this project, create a slideshow with audio, make a video or do some other audio/video representation of this assignment and share it with us in your final discussion post. Do not simply read the paper and record that. Make the paper into something else. It does not have to be long, but it will need to express core ideas of your paper. Try to keep the video/slideshow to less than five minutes.

I may grade your paper before I see the audio/video aspect of the paper in discussion. Please note that I will go back and adjust your grade accordingly by giving you 10 percent extra of what you earned on the paper. So, if you earned a 90 percent on the paper, you will earn an extra 9 percentage points added back on. 


It might help to consider what this course is about and how the outcomes of the course are also about value. While they are posted on the syllabus, take a look at them again. 

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Philosophy of life, spiritual and intellectual life, personal growth

You will be able to express your philosophy of life, evaluate that philosophy’s ability to respond intelligently, creatively, and compassionately to change and diversity, and explain how it will be manifest in all aspects of living.

Ethics/Mission, Modes of learning

You will research and articulate chief ethical issues in your chosen discipline in either a paper or presentation including your own criteria for assessing each issue.

Social Responsibility, Service, Personal Growth

You will experience regular encouragement to deepen your social consciousness and widen your scope of care toward family and community.

Analysis, Criticism, Creativity and Openness

You will learn how to analyze a variety of issues, using methods appropriate to various disciplines. Moreover, you will learn how to evaluate concrete situations and propose creative solutions. You will be open about your sources and will learn to elicit openness in others.

Written Communication

You will have opportunities to further improve your writing skills. Particular focus will be on writing clearly and convincingly through synthesis and evaluation of course materials.

Mission, Modes of learning

You will understand how the university’s mission enhances your personal and professional life. Your learning will be characterized by good study habits, insight into your workplace, an ability to overcome bias in yourself, familiarity with creative approaches to solving problems, and a commitment to life-long learning.


You will understand more deeply how to engage others on academic and professional issues. This includes both other students and the teacher. It also includes authors of your textbooks and other written sources that are relevant to the course material. You will be invited to challenge the substance of particular opinions while maintaining good relationships among everyone involved. In particular, you will support diversity of perspectives and backgrounds while challenging views you consider damaging to people.

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