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Introduction to Ad Analysis

Coca Cola Company’s “Taste the Feeling” advert targets the feelings and emotions of the millennial generation. In this paper, the writer tries to analyze how the advert attempts to sway and convince people’s opinions in society towards consuming the Coca Cola brand and how the brand is there for everyone. The analysis draws its interest from the number of Coca Cola consumers in the world, mostly the youth. People aged 14-40 provide the most extensive consumer base of Coca Cola (Coca Cola, n.d). The purpose of this ad analysis is to identify how the “Taste the Feeling” advert portrays the presence of Coca Cola for everyone in society. Though the advert uses the youths, it tries to bring out the friendship and love that would exist in society upon sharing a Coca Cola. Thus, the “Taste the Feeling” advertisement sells a lot of Coca Cola soft drinks, but it also implicitly sells friendship, love, and strength to people in society. The points of interest in the ad include the family, party, and skiing scenes and their depiction of cultural beliefs, attudes and passion.

Critique an Advertisement To adequately critique Coca Cola Company’s “Taste the Feeling” ad, the writer first analyzed the ad understanding it wholly. It is easier to critique an advert that one fully understands (Hackley & Hackley, 2017). Secondly, the writer is familiar with the Coca Cola brands, specifically the Coca Cola soft drink. Then a vague description of the advert highlighting the activities happening in the advert noting some that can captivate and capture the attention of the audience (Hackley & Hackley, 2017). After collecting the necessary information about the advert, the writer rafts an outline critiquing the advert and its contents.

The “Taste the Feeling” ad creates brand awareness about Coca Cola Company. At the beginning of the advert, there is a view of a glass printed Coca Cola reminding and letting the people recognize the brand. The characters keep flashing the brand name throughout the ad, adding an ethical appeal to its target audience and the general public.

“Taste the Feeling” ad is quite alluring to its target audience and the general public. The ad begins with a view of a glass full of Coca Cola and ice. Then moments of friendship and love while drinking the beverage like the skiing girl and a couple kissing in the library. The ad concludes with a lone individual sipping the soft drink. The ad tries to convince the public that there is no moment of fun and love that is enjoyable if there is no Coca Cola. Whether in a group or alone, Coca Cola is a perfect companion. Since every individual in society wants to be happy, they will opt for the soft drink after watching the advert.

The ad tries to connect with its young customers, millennials. The skiing girl and the kissing couple in the library try to bring out the hip and fun lifestyle of the youths. It suits the young people since they are trying to throw away boredom and have fun and a lot of excitement. Thus ‘” Taste the Feeling” advert shows that Coca Cola is the perfect partner in every moment in society whether an individual wants to have fun with a companion (the kissing couple), with a group of people (family) or alone.

The characters the ad uses fit its target audience. “Taste the Feeling” ad uses young people, boys, and girls having fun through partying, skiing, and kissing. Coca Cola brand boasts a large young people’s consumer base; thus, when it employs young people, and it convinces these segments of people in society to consume what their peers are drinking in the advert. The music used in the ad also tries to signify the supremeness of consuming Coca Cola. The song plays in the background, saying, “No one can stop me when I taste the feeling, nothing could ever bring me down.”


Coca Cola Company’s “Taste the Feeling” ad reiterates the notion that the people in the society should be happy and passionate. It holds many logical ways in which people should enjoy friendship and fun in the community, making Coca Cola a perfect partner for every individual in society. The ad values the youth in the community and expounding on their culture of fun and partying.


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