There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research, statement by Griffiths in 1998 that there really is no hope o


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There Is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research (Griffiths, 1998, P97)

As the world moves on in terms of technology and scientific development, research has become unarguably one of the most essential aspects of advancement in a number of fields. Research has been utilized to produce numerous, useful developments in technology, as well as, in science, and in all other fields like in economics, and political science. As it follows, since it has become so essential for humankind to further their knowledge, it has also become essential for us to enhance and improve the processes or methods of conducting research or studies. Although the results obtained from research are always promising, it should also be noted that they are not usually reliable or valid as they are usually marred with biases and errors. This paper will investigate the statement by Griffiths in 1998 that there really is no hope of ever conducting a research that is perfect.

I concur with the proclamation that there is no hope of conducting a study or research that is perfect. Research as the name suggests is a term used to refer to the process of searching for something that has not been found or completed. This something might be used to mean a concept, an idea or a theory (Shuttleworth). In any case, experimental activities are usually depended on trial and error processes or methods, and, as a result, are prone to numerous errors. Just the same, logical processes and logical reasoning, for instance, deduction and induction play some major roles in activities related to research, but it is also beyond doubt that logic is produced by human minds that are different in reasoning and intelligence, as it follows; such processes invite numerous flaws to the results of a research.

One experiment that has been conducted over and over again has to do with the benefits of eating fish constantly, and their relation to reduction of heart disease. Many of the studies that have been conducted on the same have indicated that individuals who consume large amounts of marine fish have lowered chances of getting heart disease. One of the loads of surveys that have been conducted on the relationship between eating fish and reduction in heart diseases includes a study carried out by Kris- Etherton and colleagues. They conducted at least three epidemiological studies within certain populations and found out that men who consumed at least a fish each week reduced their chances of getting coronary heart disease significantly. They also found that these men had reduced mortality as a result of heart disease than those individuals who did not consume any fish (Penny et al 1024- 1025).

However, another group of researchers did the same research but came up with conflicting results. They found that there was no evidence linking the reduction of coronary heart diseases, and associated mortality with intake of fish. Ascherio and colleagues, for instance, commented that there was no known relationship between intake of fish and coronary heart diseases, in a research they conducted in the follow- up study of health professionals (Martijn 1024- 1025).

These variations in the results researchers get in the same study are what make people like Griffiths doubt whether a perfect research will ever be realized. If there were hope of ever having a perfect research, then this trend of having varying results would not be experienced, and it has already been noticed any fresh research or study usually ends up adding some new information to a research that had previously been done.

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