Thank you for the feedback provided. I have gone through it and the following is my explanation

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for the feedback provided. I have gone through it and the following is my explanation. The paper instructions demanded that I pick an article, provide a summary and critique, and then prepare a presentation for the second part. The instructions then provided key required steps in a very succinct report format.

I chose to focus on the article by Denault and Jupe (2018), Justice At Risk. I was very careful to follow the format provided in the instructions. I introduced the article and offered my view of the book. My thesis statement was that the article was very well written and defined non-verbal communication in the confines of law and justice as an important element, one that requires more research and scholarly attention.

In the body paragraphs, I proceeded to offer an opinion and critique based on the sections provided in the instructions. I arranged the paper as follows:

An Analysis within Academic Literature and Importance of the Article in Nonverbal Communication

A Definition of Basic Concepts and Conclusion of the Article

A Critique of the Article

Application to Other Situations

I then closed my argument, summary, and critique in the conclusion paragraph. All through, I offered a detailed analysis of the text by Denault and Jupe (2018). I included arguments from extant literature to base my opinion on academic content. The use of these external sources was strictly for purposes of supporting my argument and trying to bring to light what other authors discussed on matters relating to the topic.

In part 2 of the assignment, my presentation was written strictly as per the presentation instructions. I checked the instructions again and again to ensure I did not miss any points.

Truthfully, I have spent a lot of time to search materials relevant to the article I chose to analyze. I prepared well ahead of the deadline because I hoped to score very well in this paper. From my presentation, I am sure you can tell just how much effort I have put into the task.

Fully cognizant of the feedback you provided, I would really appreciate if you can reconsider the score awarded. I really hoped to pass the work. I promise that I will continue to improve and work harder based on what you provided as feedback. Looking forward to more growth.


Kind Regards

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