Strategic goals for the Hospital

To: Professor Alteri

From: Briana Young, HR Manager

Date: September 22, 2019

Subject: Strategic goals for the Hospital

Summary: Lately my hospital has gone through technology problems and with the merging of two hospitals. My hospital wants to take care of our patients. With these 10 different organizational units. Patients receive care in all different areas of the hospital, so their care needs to be coordinated across these units. When a smaller hospital merges with a bigger, better-equipped hospital system, patients in a smaller hospital can gain better access to experts and sophisticated medical technology, such as high-tech imaging and electronic medical recording devices. I recommend to the hospital that they should write down all the strengths and weakness of their hospital and what they should improve on.

New Strategic Intent. The Strategic intent I selected for the hospital is Organizational collaboration. More cooperation and team unity are crucial to achieve high quality patient care, excellent service, and organizational efficiency. Employees must use the same book to operate and pull in the same direction. Teamwork is vital to enhance the efficiency of hospitals in critical operating fields. Employees, doctors and other stakeholders want to know that the organization has a bright future and what the vision will look like once it is achieved. They want to understand where the organization is going and how it’s going to get there, in other words. In the case of staff, this dedication applies to their general career as well as their day-to-day work, and may result in enhanced productivity and a greater level of workplace involvement. In the case of patients, this commitment is about trusting their health or even their very lives to the hospital.

Structural dimensions of organizational design for this hospital. The dimension would be Centralization because it refers to hierarchical level and decision making which the organization is centralized. The hospital has to establish goals and deciding marketing territories. Formalization explains about different documentation and job descriptions and also regulations. Specialization explains how organizational tasks are divided into separate jobs. The specialization has to be high because if it becomes low the employees will perform a wide range of takes in their jobs. Hierarchy explains on who to report to like the president or a manger. The hierarchy of authority will be low and short. Complexity explains how the number of departments within the organization.

Effectiveness approaches. I think the hospital approach should be to expand market share around different organizations

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