I would like to lose weight by the end of August, to become healthy I aim to lose 10kgs I will create enough time for exercise to be able to achieve the goal Loosing weight will enable me to gain health benefits such as reduced risk of contracting chronic diseases eg. Hypertension and diabetes I will constantly monitor my weight and by the end of August I should be at 60kgs.

The whole family wants to increase vegetable intake from the month of July onwards, to improve their health statuses We will ensure that vegetables are included in at least one meal each day We will buy and store fresh vegetables in the kitchen, to avoid missing them in the meals. We will also save enough to buy more vegatbles. Increased vegetable intake will improve the health statuses of the family members by boosting their immunities; thus, reduced risk of contracting cohronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer By the end July we shall analyse our dieting trend to determine whether we ate vegetables everyday

I want to spend more time with my kids from this month onwards, to help nurture their behaviours, academic performance, and self-confidence I plan to spend more time with them in the evening when am free from work I will create more time to spend with my kids by quitting one job, to relieve myself from excessive pressure. Spending more time with my kids will enable me to concentrate on guiding their conduct and behavior, as well as assist to boost their academic progress by helping them in their homework By the end of the month of June, I will evaluate the amount of time that I would have spent with my kids to determine whether it was sufficient and effective.

I plan to be walking in the evening while going back home from work, from the beginning of July to increase my level of activeness I will be walking everyday in the evening while getting home from work I will be able to walk back home; the distance from my workplace to my home is about 2KM, I will avoid wasting time after work to prevent myself from getting home late Walking will help increase my level of activeness; thus, help in burning down my calories which will in turn promote losing of weight By the end of June, I will count the number of days which I walked back home, to evaluate whether I would’ve achieved the goal

I want to save money to find my own place to rent by the end of 2022. This will help to cut the expenditure spent on rent, and help in saving the money for other purposes. I will be saving 5% percent of my total salary every month. I will find a better-paying job to be able to raise the funds. Finding my own place to rent will help me save more money for other purposes By the end of 2022 I should’ve managed to save enough money that would be sufficient to buy a house

I want to save money for my child’s baptism in 2 months to dedicate them to Christianity I want to save $150 by the end of July. I will save $75 this month and $75 in the next month. I will avoid spending excess money on unnecessary things to be able to save enough money for the baptism event Baptism is important for my children as it will help to dedicate their lives to Christianity By the end of July, I should’ve saved $150 for the plan

I want to get a better job by the start of 2023, to earn enough money that will help me fulfill my personal goals. I will search for better jobs in which I can specialize. I plan to improve my professional skills to be able to become an outstanding candidate for better job opportunities. Getting a better job will increase my chances of getting a better salary which will help improve my family’s lifestyle. By the end of 2022, I should’ve gathered enough professional skills which will make me an outstanding candidate for employment.

We plan to save for a car $6000; and buy it by the end of 2022 to be able to get to work early We already have $3000, and still have to save $3000 more for the purpose. We will ensure that we save $150 each month to raise the cash by the end of this year We will avoid spending too much to be able to save enough money to get the car Buying a car will help us to get early to work as well as provide the family which transport means during family vacations. By the end of 2022, we should’ve saved $6000 for the car.

I plan to read more storybooks to my children before their bedtime from the beginning of July, to improve their creative writing and academic performance at school. I will be reading at least one storybook every evening I will buy a variety of storybooks and keep them at home for use. I will be able to read one book every evening for my children before they go to bed. By the end of this month, I will make sure that I have stored enough books in the house

I plan to take English classes and learn it as a second language to perfect my communication skills before the end of the year I will enroll in the English classes before the end of September, and schedule at least one class per week I will create time during September to attend my English classes Taking English classes will help improve my communication skills s well as heighten my opportunities for better employment By the end of the year, I should be and to have completed my English classes

I want to file for sole custody of my daughter by the end of this year, to ensure sufficient protection and care for her. I will start filling for the sole custody in July. I will save enough money for the court fee to be able to finance the process. Filing for sole custody will enable me to provide sufficient care and protection for my child By the end of September, I should’ve filed for sole custody.

Am planning to save for a family vacation which will happen in December this year for our recreational purposes I plan to save at least $150 every month from June to December to be able to raise enough money. I will reduce my spending to allow myself to save enough money. Going for a vacation will improve our bonds as family members, as well as help to refresh our minds By the begging of December, we should’ve been able to raise enough money for the vacation.

I plan to open a bank account by the end of July, to be able to save my funds. I plan to save money before the end of July, to open the account. I will save at least $300 by the end of July to be able to open the account Opening a bank account will help me save my money for future plans. Before the end of the July, I analyze my savings to assess whether I would’ve saved enough money

I want to get a driver’s license before the end of September, to be able to drive my car legally. I plan to enroll in the driving classes in August. I will attend my driving classes to learn how to drive properly Getting a driver’s license will enable me to drive freely and safely to work. By the end of August, I plan to have completed my classes.

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