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Question 1

When a baby is born with an intersex condition, it signifies a condition where there is a discrepancy between the internal genitals and the external genitals. It is a condition in which a newborn’s external genitals do not seem to be clearly either female or male. The infant might have characteristics of both sexes or the genitals may be incompletely developed. The model of social diagnosis identifies two principles: 1) myriad social actors, as well as clinicians, donate to diagnostic processes and labels; and 2) extra-therapeutic social structures frame diagnosis (Danon, 2018). Intersex medical interventions also referred to as intersex genital mutilations which are hormonal, surgical, and other medical interventions should be done to modify ambiguous or atypical sex characteristics and genitalia, mainly for the aim of making an individual’s appearance more distinctive and to lessen the possibility of future complications. Interventions on intersex infants and children are gradually identified as human rights matters.

Question 2

After watching the film on intersexuality, I believe that we should create a new sex category for intersex individuals. It is a condition that exists and an individual cannot be considered as either male or female. There are many additional, incommensurate, and, contested lenses through which intersex individuals are perceived. It shows diverse beliefs and values about the same individuals, including meaning, demands, treatment, and concerns (Hegarty et al., 2020). Law progressively perceives intersex persons as members of third sex. It gives a reason why we should create a new sex category for them. On the other hand, historical research indicates that intersex persons usually exist and have been accommodated. Medical lenses perceive intersex characters as conditions of sex development and individuals with these individualities are regarded as male or female and focusses on treatment. Gender, anthropology, and queer studies have regarded intersex as a depiction of misconceptions that underpin particular cultural norms for gender and sex.


Danon, L. M. (2018). Time matters for intersex bodies: Between socio-medical time and somatic time. Social Science & Medicine, 208, 89-97.

Hegarty, P., Donnelly, L., Dutton, P. F., Gillingham, S., Vecchietti, V., & Williams, K. (2020). Understanding of intersex: The meanings of umbrella terms and opinions about medical and social responses among laypeople in the United States and United Kingdom. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.

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