Oral Presentation

ANT 341/303 Indigenous Art of North America/Diversity Seminar

Oral Presentation, Guidelines and Suggested Sections:

Context for Artist’s work: culture, culture area, time period, map, material availability, etc.

The Artist’s work: select no more than 5 pieces to describe in detail but you can show more as you like (aim for 7-8 minute oral presentation overall).

Themes in the Artist’s work possibly highlight A) Ceremony/Ritual & “Religion”; B) Response & Reimagination; C) Resistance; D) Rejuvenation & Reclamation (or just one of these) from earlier in the semester

For Proposal (10% of your grade):

1) Small document (1-3 pages) that highlights your selected artist/group of artists. Answer basic questions relating to your artist (who, what, where, when, and why you selected them)

2) Select three scholarly sources to acquire and annotate them. Be sure to begin each entry with the full citation for the source in American Antiquity format.

For Annotated Bibliography (10% of your grade):

1) Select 7-10 scholarly sources, works of art (found in museum collections or items from the Artist’s body of work seen on their personal websites, etc.), websites or videos, Indigenous Community websites, etc. Interviewing your artist is possible through their public website/social media, etc., but please contact me before you contact your artist so that we may put your project through the IRB process if necessary.

2) Annotate them with the full citation for the source in American Antiquity format.

For the Oral Presentation (20% of your grade):

1) Prepare a 7-8 minute oral presentation visually illustrated with a set of PowerPoint slides. (Each presentation will have 1-2 minutes of a Question and Answer period immediately following it.) A 7-8 minute presentation generally has a “script” of no more than 5 pages printed using 14 point font. Your PPT should generally include no more than 10 to 12 slides (including your title, acknowledgement, and bibliography slides),

2) Remember to include a Bibliographic slide in your PPT*, containing the sources that you used in American Antiquity citation format. (* if you choose to present in a format other than PPT, be sure to save and upload it in pdf form to Blackboard).

I am here to assist you with putting your PPT together (formatting, etc.). You are able to embed brief video clips in your presentation, but these should not be more than 2 minutes long all together.

I am available to read your draft, to offer feedback on your PPT, and/or to listen to a run-through of your oral presentation.

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