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Upon reading two other articles that address the same topic but are different sources, some characteristics make the sources different. To begin with, the article from Consumer reports differs in a way that it has a formal appearance with illustrations, diagrams, tables, and graphs. It has a summary paragraph above the text and sections describing how workplace wellness programs could be putting the health data at risk. The other article from CNN health has no specific format. Consumer report article is more different because it has several glossy pictures designed to attract a broad segment of the population. Despite the articles from different sources having some noticeable differences, some features add to the sources’ credibility. The differences do not detract from the credibility of the sources. I consider both credible in a way that they are up to date. The first article has some endorsements and reviews that show that it is credible. Its information is high quality and trustworthy in a way that it is unbiased and backed up with evidence. The second one has the author’s credentials and affiliations hence making it credible. I can either use either of the school sources in writing an academic research paper since the tutor will expect me to back up my assertions with credible evidence. Using a credible source will always convince my readers that my claim is correct and plausible. In my personal life, the sources can help me to strengthen my argument in dialogues.

The first article I read is from Consumer reports and the second from CNN health report. The audiences of the first source are the workers and employees in different companies. The second article is intended to inform a general audience. The intended audiences affect language choice so that the sources use specialized vocabulary, their formal appearance, sections, and proper organization to target their audience (Tracy & Will, 2020). Both articles are credible since they are in-depth, with an abstract and documented data. The information in the first article is accurate. Both sources provide a thorough and well-reasoned discussion. The information need addressed by the consumer article includes research, work, and learning. The other article addresses professional and administrative information needs. Experimental, quasi-experimental, and action research will be appropriate for the first source, while content analysis, qualitative, case study, descriptive research will be appropriate for the second source.


Ajunwa, I. (2017). Workplace wellness programs could be putting your health data at risk. Harv. Bus. Rev, 19.Tracy, A., & Javernick Will, A. (2020). Credible Sources of Information Regarding Induced Seismicity. Sustainability, 12(6), 2308

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