Nurse’s Role in Global Health

Nurse’s Role in Global Health

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Nurse’s Role in Global Health

Nurses play a significant role in promoting global health care because they are at the center of patient care. Nurses can contribute to global health by providing individualized care to their patients at the community level. For instance, with the advancement of technology, health care services are being provided using the internet. Telehealth has become common where doctors attend to patients over phone calls, skype, text, and email. In this case, nurses can support telehealth by providing individualized care to patients after they consult with doctors. If a patient requires an insulin shot, have their bandages changed, or any other care, nurses can work with doctors to provide follow-up with patients. Nurses can also play the role of educating and sensitizing the masses about health. They can take the initiative and hold community training with women on first aid and diet and nutrition for lactating mothers. This way, they contribute to people’s personal health and community health by extension. Nurses can also provide maternal and newborn education to expectant women, which can help curb incidental and accidental causes of death during bath, seeing that intrapartum and premature birth-related complications account for a majority of newborn deaths. Additionally, nurses can take it upon themselves to talk about human trafficking, which is another rife global problem of the 21st century. They can make a difference by sensitizing people about how human traffickers recruit and lure victims using commercial sex, jobs and monetary rewards. This will keep the community alert enough to keep watch on their children and report any suspicious cases they see.

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