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Bill Gates: “Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Be Those That Empower Others”

People operate in a world where they are overloaded at work and forget to focus on what matters most. The aim is always to stay focused to the goal, regardless of area of operation. Contemporary business culture is changing to acknowledge the role of a balanced life. New leadership techniques are exploring the importance of employee wellbeing (Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership n.p). According to the quote, “Tomorrow’s Leaders Will Be Those That Empower Others”, taking a good approach to leadership will meet the needs of employees while retaining shareholder goals in the long run (Wallace n.p.). The significance of this quote is to help leaders in empowering others. The leaders are there to listen and give people a chance to express themselves and solve problems. The ideal leader will bring togetherness, growth of employees, and a purpose to their business, while inspiring generations to become better leaders in the future.

The quote is inspiring to me in a number of ways. First, I desire to be a leader who empowers others to attain growth. As a contemporary leader, Bill Gates offers that there has to be a natural feeling and purpose to serve (Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership n.p). In this case, the needs of the employee come first. A servant leader always focuses on the growth of people or institutions and the societies they fit in. Secondly, the quote requires leaders to put others’ needs first, in order to create a following. Such a style empowers people, leading to development and high performance at the workplace and elsewhere. From the quote, empowering people could change the world so much. The quote also calls upon leaders to exercise equality, whereby a decent society is established. Wallace (n.p.) offers that a fair society, one that provides opportunities for people, is constructed. The empowerment of employees by the leaders will lead to institutions’ growth because leaders will have a purpose and direction. The quote seeks to establish a new leadership culture that will influence the next generation of leaders.

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