Malaria health issue

Health Issue

Many People in the world suffer from health issues where harmful conditions may be determined. Most people do not understand how they end up losing their lives for some curable or non-curable diseases (Chan, 2010). An example of a health issue is Malaria which is a viral disease affecting both poor and rich people in the world as well as being transmitted to anyone. It affects approximately 106 countries and can be cured or even controlled for a country to live Malaria free such as in Morocco.

Malaria health issue

In the governor’s diary, Malaria is seen to cause 225 million illness affecting children and adults, and more than 780,000 deaths annually. The world health organization estimated that in 2010 there were 219 million cases of malaria whereby 660,000 to 1.2 people died most of them being African children under 15years. Malaria is associated with poverty and is a hindrance to economic development. Pregnant women are also at risk of being infected with maternal malaria being estimated to 200,000 infant deaths annually. Travelers contract the disease if they are not well treated to prevent from contacting it.

Malaria occurs in tropical and subtropical areas where there are mosquito parasites, and people have not taken extreme measures to prevent and cure it. By using insecticides sprays and sprayed nets is one way to prevent mosquito bites. Draining stagnant water prevent mosquitoes from multiplying. There are no Vaccines to prevent malaria but researchers are findings ways to prevent malaria by vaccines. In the mean time, treated nets and medicine to cure malaria are being used.


The world health organizations (WHO) efforts to prevent malaria have brought about changes in malaria transmission. They hold campaign on malaria preventions, train people on how to use and treat nets, explain on symptoms of malaria so that when noticed at once the person with the symptoms to be taken to hospital for further check up. Malaria is a disease that can be cured when essential measures are taken to an ill person. Malaria symptoms include headache and fever, if not treated in time it can cause one to go into a comma or even death.  


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