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Juvenile criminal justice system should focus on rehabilitation

Young people often go through many challenges and they are unable to express themselves because they are also not fully aware of the reasons why there is a lot of burden on their lives. Therefore it is upon the pain that the young people experience in their lives that they base their struggle and their journey towards resolutions which at times might be very risky ones. As Sachi Maniar (3.1), states that children are victims of their circumstances it is clear that children find themselves in different and varied circumstances which at times they are unable to deal with or resolve. Therefore when children find themselves in these circumstances they tend to think outside the box. Thinking outside the box for most young people means looking for solutions that are not normal and which will alleviate their pain and this includes getting involved in crime or getting involved in doing things that are not in order.

Once the young people engage in these kinds of activities the world and the society around them try to understand why they are doing that and at the end of it all different people understand the young people differently. Some individuals state that young people behave in the manner in which they behave because they have been brought up in that manner and it is a reflection of the behavior of the parents. Other people state that young people are being arrogant and taking advantage of their freedom. However, some people get to understand that real issues making the young people engage in some kinds of behaviors which are that the young people have a lot of pain in their lives and the only best way to express it is through doing things which will arouse communal response. Through this, they always feel that by doing wrong and doing something which they take as revenge they will feel good.

However, what wrong is done is never revenge on anything but goes ahead to hurt the young people. Therefore it is in the light of this that I state my stand to be that young people need more rehabilitation than punishment and therefore the presentation is very okay and very important. The presentation welcomes us to see the teenagers and the young people from a different angle of pain caused to them by circumstances of finding and realizing themselves in the circumstances. The examples given are even a clearer way of talking about the youths since examples are always very fundamental when it comes to proving something and here Sachi Maniar is trying to prove the situation of the young people and how much they need rehabilitation than punishment.

If the young people are administered with punishment even though it is the recommended type of bringing order back to society, they are likely to even hurt more. Through this, the correctional facilities and individuals will not only be creating a dumping society but also making the lives of these young people miserable and worthless. An example is a ruby, who as stated in the video lost his parents when he was 6 years old and therefore he has never got past the death of his parents. He slept outside of their home most of the time and therefore he is isolated and lonely (3;30). If this kind of kid is exposed to punishment for a wrong they do due to their situation then it acts to make him completely miserable which is not the will of any society. Therefore more than anything else the young people need more rehabilitation than punishment. In these rehabilitation centers, the young people need a person to listen to them and a person to understand what they are going through as well as be willing to help them overcome the various challenges. ( Weston, 2016).

If this method is taken the development of a sound society would b very easy. Even though it might be difficult to put into practice this kind of correction is still the best one. It is best because it looks deeper into the lives of an individual beyond the basics and goes into learning what the person becomes when they are hurt. This helps us also understand them more closely and how lovely they can be if the pain was taken away. In (3:44), Sachi Maniar borrows a quote and states that hurt people hurt other people. This is very true because when these young people are understood they most probably indicate that they engage in criminal activities. After all, revenge makes them feel good for a short period.

The juvenile justice system has always been faced with challenges whereby the issue at hand is very important to the parents, the guardians, and the religious leaders. They are important to the system. When it comes to dealing with the juveniles then it turns out to be more careful and gentle and peaceful because the young people are a dependent species and they still belong to their families even if the family is unwelcoming or peaceful.( Weston, 2016).

Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that it is very important to experience the love offered by parents and when this cannot be sought one should retain their calm because the parents do not hate a person completely. This acts as a stepping stone into the realization of how things should be done. Therefore the juvenile criminal justice system should aim more at getting the correct manner of dealing with the teenagers and especially the issue of providing more rehabilitation than punishments because rehabilitation is always the best.


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