It is evident that the minority groups in the LGBTQ community do not have much visibility in the media.

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Question 1

It is evident that the minority groups in the LGBTQ community do not have much visibility in the media. Because LGBTQ individuals of color are affiliates of two groups who have generally faced discrimination, the impact of invisibility is doubled. One of the LGBTQ people of color in the media I will choose is Laverne Cox. She is an American actress and also an LGBTQ advocate. Laverne Cox and her transgender life were both first identified to me when I started watching the original Netflix series. She captured my attention immediately since she was a strong and intelligent actress. She is one of the people of color in the media committed to activism for those individuals with and without a voice. Cox rose to fame with her role as Sophia Burset on the Netflix series ‘Orange Is the New Black’ whereby she became the first openly transgender individual to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. She won a Daytime award Emmy award in 2015, making her the first openly transgender woman to win an award.

Laverne Cox was the first transgender individual to play a role in the transgender series on broadcast TV as Cameron. She spoke continuously about her experience as a transgender lady. She has never failed to answer tough inquiries concerning her life, particularly if the motive was to benefit other individuals in the LGBTQ group (Ambrose, 2017). Her strength and persistence have inspired so many LGBTQ people to embrace further who they are. I have never had a bad feeling or thought about her. She has really tried her best in advocating for the LGBTQ people and representing them well. Her depiction is helpful to the LGBTQ community since she impacts and influences most individuals who copy and desire to be like her. Laverne Cox plays a great part in the LGBTQ community. She is always ready to speak up and advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Question 2

Individuals who identify themselves as LGBTQ are usually targeted for violence, discrimination, and hate crimes all over the world. The information on discrimination impacted me the most. The information on discrimination impacted me the most because individuals are usually pressured to fit in with society’s conventional notions of being female or male. Those who do not fit into the classification may be subjected to intimidation, ridicule, and even physical abuse. All these come as a result of discrimination. Six in ten LGBTQ individuals assert that they have been personally discriminated against because they are LGBTQ. Most of them try to avoid places or situations that they might be discriminated against. A lot of persons are much guilty of discrimination against LGBTQ people, whether consciously or unconsciously. LGBTQ persons go through daily discrimination from family members, peer groups, and society at large. Some of them even go through discrimination in school by administrators and teachers. They not only lack guidance and support, but they are also much affected in several ways by discrimination.

There is a higher rate of discrimination among LGBTQ youths compared to straight youths. Most parents all over the world prefer their children to be straight other than being in the LGBTQ category. Most school administrators also prefer their students to be straight. This preference is among the contributing aspect of discrimination against LGBTQ individuals (Casey et al., 2019). Several research papers reveal that there has been an increasing number of individuals discriminated and social exclusion occurrences amongst Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender groups. This group risks being unfairly treated in all sectors of their lives, whether in employment, access to health care, housing, employment, or education. It is tough, and in several instances, impossible for LGBTI individuals to dwell their lives freely and search for justice for mistreatments when the rules are not on their side. Discrimination is one of the disturbing issues that affect most LGBTQ people.


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