Involvement of Women in Criminal Activities

Involvement of Women in Criminal Activities



Involvement of Women in Criminal Activities

The article by Jody tries to explore the role of women in criminal activities. In the United States, men appear to be the dominant gender that engages in criminal activities. According to Jody, the most predominant gender-based criminal activities include rape and robbery. Jody recorded that the number of women who participated in criminal activities accounted for a negligible percentage. From various reports by the criminal investigation department, there were high rates of manslaughter and acts of burglary (Miller, 1998). Jody looked at the central idea of women’s presence of women in the male-dominated criminal activities. Ideally, the focus was to understand what makes male criminal violent compared to women in similar criminal activities.

Jody was concern about the lack of severe critic on the involvement of women in criminal activities. There is a wide gap in criticism that occurs following criminal activities involvement than when women engage in similar activities. The author further presents how prejudice exists when crimes involving women appear (Miller, 1998). Colorism appears with criminal activities, young colored ladies and particularly those from economically unstable families are subject to unruly behaviors. While male criminals focus on suburban setting, female criminals appear to target nondomestic streets to carry out their activities.

The behavior of these women in the male-dominated field is their survival tactics. Most of the female offenders focus on avoiding victimization, either my men and other people in society. Although some women committed the crime out of victimization by their counterparts, others have other motivating factors to engaging in criminal activities (Miller, 1998). Different studies attributed the involvement of women in criminal activities to express underlying anger following rape, alienation, and to some extent, class oppression.

In terms of ethnicity, African Americans living in urban areas are more likely to engage in criminal activities than other racial groups. Stress and economic factors contribute to women’s involvement in criminal activities. Inequality between genders is a crucial concept in criminal activities in urban settings.

Primarily, the main reason for involvement in criminal activities is the need for money and the gaining of material goods. Most of the criminal have the urge of acquiring goods in a short time due to drug addiction. Most criminals aim to achieve class, including having some designer clothes, jewelry, and pleasure level (Miller, 1998). Besides, most people who engage in criminal activities feel like they should be the source of attention. In contrast, some women feel like they should obtain money and material goods to support family members. Female offenders engage in criminal activities by targeting women through personal confrontation while they target men in sexual manners.


Miller, J. (1998). Up it up: Gender and the accomplishment of street robbery. Criminology, 36(1), 37-66.

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