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Population Explosion

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The world’s population has exploded over the past half-century. Overpopulation is one of the challenges that continue to pose a danger to the environment. Notably, overpopulation places demand on land and resources, leading to widespread environmental issues that impact living standards and the global economy. This paper discusses the causes, effects, and solutions used in halting the population explosion.

Some of the causes of population explosion have to do with improved fertility, poverty, poor use of contraceptives, and child labor. Today many women have embraced fertility treatments which make it possible for barren to have children. Poverty coupled with lack of resources leads to overpopulation owing to increased birth rates. Underdeveloped countries have poor planning when it comes to reproductive health. This leads to unexpected pregnancies which are exacerbated by poverty. According to UNICEF, approximately 150 million are employed particularly in countries without labor laws (McCann, 2017). Overpopulation leads to low life expectancy especially in less developed countries because the population strains a country’s resources, including jobs, food, and medical care. Moreover, overpopulation leads to the extinction of world life as people destroy natural habitats like forests because of increased demand for land. Overpopulation also impacts fast climate change. Human activities affect climate change and change global temperatures. Potential solutions for population explosion are better sex education, increased access to contraceptives, educating people on the subject and changing policy for increased benefits.

Population explosion remains one of the biggest crises facing humanity today. Engaging in dialog and sensitization especially in schools, can go a long way in addressing the problem. Causes of overpopulation are liked to improved fertility, poverty, poor use of contraceptives and child labor. It is prudent that the above-mentioned problems be addressed as they can lead to a knock-on effect leading to untold problems in the future.


McCann, C. R. (2017). Figuring the population explosion: Demography in the mid-twentieth century. Feminist Media Histories, 3(3), 30-56.

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