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Question 1

Fords are detailed in its assessment of the diverse consumer market. It achieves this objective by creating diverse markets in all its customer groups through the use of segments. The company carefully studies the trends in all consumer groups ranging from the young the old and developing products which suit their needs.

Ford’s approach to understanding the roles that affect the buying decisions involves an in-depth study of the trends on political issues, technological issues, or economic changes that affect the buyer’s decision. Ford then uses this information to plan for those changes through developing innovations.

Question 2

The psychological influence behind the creation of the Ford pass is intended to have two varied impact for the customers and no customers. For the customers, Ford intends to show that It is committed to offering convenient services for its loyal customers. To the non-customers, Ford is using it as a marketing tool, which indicates that Ford is accommodating, and one doesn’t need to be a member’s toe enjoy its benefits. The introduction of the Ford pass psychologically triggers the consumer to develop trust on the products offered by Ford as well as loyal due to their innovativeness, and concern for the preferences of the consumer.

Question 3

Sheryl Connelly’s research is likely to prove influential at the third stage of the consumer by the decision process. The stage involves the evaluation of alternatives. At this stage, a consumer seeking to purchase an automobile will be weighing up their options. Knowing that Ford does research on consumer trends and also makes an effort to design their products to suit the consumers may help to sway the decision of the buyer towards purchasing Ford.

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