Your report is interesting to read and provides vital details regarding Vermilion

Hi Andrea Arana,

Your report is interesting to read and provides vital details regarding Vermilion Energy’s sustainability strategy. Precisely, you elaborate that Vermilion Energy sticks to suitable international policies and regulations on climate change and the use of advanced technology to drastically reduce carbon emission. Besides, the overall structure of your document is good because you have included virtually all the essential sections including the executive summary, introduction, analysis and conclusion. Overall, you did some great work in capturing the most essential details on how Vermilion Energy tackles climate change.


Although your report provides insightful information, you should proofread it to correct some existing grammatical errors. Still, you should provide a clear thesis to inform your readers on what the report endeavors to elaborate. Moreover, you used a title that does not limit your focus on any particular firms. Specifically, the section of the titles that states …”why giant oil companies are not doing the same…” suggests that you would not focus on any specific firms. Also, your report seems to be analytical rather than descriptive.

Dear Andrea Portilla Romero,

I really enjoyed reading your report. You have captured crucial details regarding Uber’s development history and how it endeavors to promote safety among its customers and drivers. It is clear that Uber has made significant steps toward reduction of sexual assault. Moreover, your report flows smoothly from the onset to the end. Also, the vivid problem statement and thesis sets stage for the reader, informing the audience of what to expect from the main body of the report. Besides, you have used appropriate titles, subtitles and subheadings that facilitate skimming and prepare the reader to switch from one section of the report to the next. Further, your report is highly-useful to Uber, related firms and interested persons because it offers critical recommendations on how to promote safety of employees and passengers while handling the issue of sexual assault.


Your report does not adequately elaborate how Uber’s efforts of addressing sexual assault is reactive according to the thesis’ suggestion. Still, you can eliminate grammatical errors and typos by proofreading and revising your report; you used the term river instead of driver, I suppose. Also, your document does not have an executive summary. Finally, your report seems to be analytical rather than descriptive.

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