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1. To effectively address the environmental or climate challenges such as a mass extinction or climate crisis, there is need for systemic change. Every person in the society ought to be actively involved to ensuring the protection of the environment and prevent its degradation. Some people believe it is difficult to change the way we live and that everyone cannot be involved. Others think it is impossible to change the existing system where one can have an impact on everything like climate or environment. However, if we look at it from a personal point of view, every person can do something in this regard, especially those who are in a position to do so. To make this goal a reality, we should pay particular attention to our everyday activities and use the products that can bring about positive changes and prevent negative effects on the environment.

2. I agree with Heglar’s argument. A lot of changes have been witnessed on our environment. Baldness of mountains, cutting down trees, polluted rivers, and so on. These activities tend to affect our climate negatively. Climate change represents a vital problem that the society face today. There is need for more recycling activities, production of more environmental products, and responsibility of authorities and individuals regarding climate change. However, there is need to act with caution towards Heglar’s point. There is no doubt that recycling can be an effective way to prevent negative effects on the environment and climate. But, it is also important to consider the benefits of such activities in economic terms. Recycling can be an acceptable thing only if it can bring more benefits than costs.

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