There should be a mandatory retirement age for elected political representatives.

University Of Technology Jamaica

Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies

School of Humanities and Social Science

B.A Communication, Arts and Technology

Jodian Dixon – 1506022

Module: Academic Writing II (COM2014)

Topic: There should be a mandatory retirement age for political representatives.

Assignment: Sentence Outline (Second Draft)

Lecturer: Ms. Burris

Date: October 21, 2018

Topic: There should be a mandatory retirement age for elected political representatives. Agree/Disagree.

Narrowed Topic: There should be a mandatory age is required for the political representatives.

Audience: The government and the Jamaican community.

Purpose: To persuade the audience that a standard retirement age for elected political representatives is necessary.

Thesis: There should be a mandatory retirement age for political representatives in order to aid the country in forward mobility in technology as well as to make room for a younger workforce and eradicate common misconceptions of politicians.

Technological advancement is a vehicle for change that must be steered by, younger and more open-minded, conventional individuals.

Traditional campaigning, as we know it is dying. Armstrong (2018)

Communicating via social networks requires a thick skin, an open mind, a willingness to level the playing field in terms of hierarchical social status as well as a good working knowledge of the technology and its rules of engagement. Forbes (2011)

Social media gives us the opportunity to touch base with the delegates quicker (Forbes,2018)

The number of talented young persons in the political arena has grown exponentially, as such a mandatory age for retirement for political representatives is desperately needed as is the case with any other job thus making space for a younger workforce.

Imposing a retirement age rule will ensure that those in office are physically, mentally, and intellectually fit to do so.(Rebecca T)

Tensions rise as party members worry about leader’s ability to manage the campaign financing scandal and her ability to connect with those young floating voters, who carried Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party to victory in the February election. King (2016)

According to Bunting, he wants to be PNP president to modernise the party and make it attractive to Jamaicans at home and abroad, and this will not impact the outstanding legacy of Simpson Miller. (Bunting 2016)

3. Though it may be argued by some that an older workforce will be better fit to lead due to experience it would be more beneficial to use that experience to train younger persons to accurately deliver.

a) Minister Shahine Robinson stated that a phased retirement, ‘will allow employees to pass on skills and expertise to youngster colleagues, as they transition from full-time work into retirement.” (Palmer, 2016)

b) According to Minister Robert Pickersgill, civil servants have security of tenure, which politicians do not enjoy, plus public-sector workers also get a “reasonable pension”. Tyrone Reid (2008)


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