Source #7

Social media Source #7

Social media is a tool that has been in the contemporary society used to improve communication. It is as well been attributed to the enhancing cohesion as people of different cultures, races, backgrounds and countries are brought together. Such as the campaigning against discrimination with promotion and development of movements such as black lives matter. Pg. 106.

Social media impact on millennials Source #2

The article by argues against the general perspective of people who view millennials negatively due to their behaviors that allows on their phone. Being a generation that grew with technology advancement, social media has been revolutionized such that ads can be sold as well as the millennials can gain knowledge. She emphasizes on the revolution of E-commerce by the millennials as well as the transparency ideas in elections whose results are streamed. N. pg Cyberbullying source #6

The article elaborates the aspect of bullying in the digital age. People on social media are being attacked on their age, appearance, race or even class. Many youth and teens often have negative things to say about their fellow peers which often leads to depression. Many kids often commit suicide as a result of depression they suffer from the trolls of cyberbullying. N. page

Cyberbullying source #3

In the journal of adolescent health, Gamez shows the relationship between cyberbullying, depression and substance abuse. He clearly states that the days when fists were used as a form of bullying are somehow Gone as cyberbullying takes its place. People are often trolled with characteristics that are well known to be negative and the likelihood of others adopting the troll is high. The journal shows that people are likely to be depressed and involved in the abuse of substances if cyberbullying is prolonged.

Pg. 446

Behavioral addictions Source #1

The journal of behavioral addictions helps in showing how the smartphones relate to depression, anxiety and the quality of sleep. In many circumstances, the smartphone devices are the disruption of the sleeping patterns among the youths. They often result in sleeping and eating disorders that create depression in the aftermath of pg. 85

Depressive symptoms Source #10

A research carried out focusing on children suffering from depression on what changed and what is commonly pointed to immediate use of smartphones. the increased depressive symptoms are high among the youths due to the use of the screen and social media. Pg. 5-17

Cyberpsychology Source #11

The article of cyberpsychology shows that the increased viewing of the screen and social media increases depression rates among the young adults and youths as they tend to compare their lives with those who are constantly posting. As much as social media has been a great part of technology that link people together it as well is the leading cause of depression pg. 584

Smart innovation Source # 5

The article celebrity studies articulate the rise of social networking sites and social media influencers. Different advancements have been seen to transform day to day activities of businesses as the society tends to rely upon the internet for their day to day schedules. They impact different fields with increased accuracy and efficiency that makes them reliable. Business as well as use online person to person communication to improve annual affiliation ideas. Pg. 200

Social relationships Source #9

In the New York times article talk to each other, Turkle deftly elaborates that advancements of technology are often misunderstood by the notion that they are the fuel in the destruction of social relationships. However, it all depends on the nature of the involved party as some people with or without the use of mobiles would be boring and anti-social. Hence people should acknowledge and embrace the role technology plays in brings people together rather than blame technology for failed social relationships N. page

Social media impressions Source #4

The young people gradually get in touch with social media developing different forms of impressions. Most of these impressions are amazing as they make things a little bit easier for them, however, the awful impressions often have an antagonistic impact on people. For example, false information often leads to dissatisfaction, wrong business affiliation influences productivity. As much as the web life is beneficial people often should not be over-reliant as the media should be used in the obligatory matter. Pg. 78

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