Part B ABC Marketing Plan (Change your name of business here)

Part B: ABC Marketing Plan (Change your name of business here)

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The marketing plan is the business organization’s crucial aspect that depicts the business’s overall operation in the market. A good marketing plan should entail a well-defined business goal, a rational mission statement, a SWOT analysis, and an environmental analysis. Significantly, it is worth it to encompass market competition analysis on a market plan, enabling the business to establish its position in the market. According to the feedback received earlier, it is essential to use it to improve the marketing plan. For example, the funding challenge received feedback denoted by SWOT Analysis weakness. Create a scalable business model to enhance the marketing plan, determine the amount of money to request, and find the right and best funding option. Lastly, spend the funded money wisely on improving the marketing plan. A scalable business model is needed to ensure the business shows a revenue increase potential with minimal expenditure in the coming months to enable investors to fund a business. A business needs to choose a suitable funding option to increase the chances of getting funds to improve future marketing plans. The company needs to ask for the amount of money it can handle to avoid cash loss in the industry.

Moreover, for future marketing plan strategy, the business needs to spend the funds given wisely to avoid misuse of funds that leads to more losses in the industry. Notably, the contemporary world shifts into different shades of trends precipitated by the consistent advancement of technology. The modern world shift has led to changes in market trends and, therefore, to improve the marketing plan, integrating a critical analysis of market trends that complies with modern times.

The Federation of Female Lawyers (FFL) is a non-profitable organization comprising female lawyers – the organization hinges on its primary objectives of providing legal aid aimed at helping the undermined, despised, and underserved children and women. Its main office is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and its other subsidiaries are in Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, and South Carolina. Comprehensively, FFL provides a wide array of legal aids, such as legal advice, strategic impact litigation, self-representation, and probono schemes (Cimini & Smith, 2020). Using a systematic review, I intend to provide a critical review on; branding strategy, primary and secondary target markets, positioning statement, and consumer behavior.

Branding Strategy

While branding in other diverse industries may seem fun, law firms such as FFL should endeavor to provide a more official branding that reflects the firm’s authoritative and professional image. For the Federation of Female Lawyers, a distinctive approach to brand strategy will build an essential favorability and identification of the firm to its potential customers (Tien et al., 2019). In the contemporary world, technology has necessitated a wide range of internet use and other ecteronic devices, such as radios and televisions. Using websites for FFL remains the best branding strategy. Typically, websites give easy access to potential customers and provide a wide range of information conveyed in images, videos, and writings, enabling the website to offer an in-depth understanding of the firm by acknowledging the firm’s biography, area of specialization, attorneys, and their experience, and location and size of the firm. This branding strategy is appropriate because it provides the client with critical information about the firm. Spectacularly, a brand extension establishes the proper name for new services and products within a firm’s operation. For instance, the brand extension will enable FFL to be upscale and launch new products and services in legal realms, thus presenting the firm’s innovations and establishing a good customer experience.

Brand Name

The company name should be unique, short, and memorable for customers to remember. The company name identifies some of the typical features of the company. In addition, naming the company should entail positive connotations, including what the business deals with outstanding, for the customers to remember. Hence using, the acronym FFL to identify the Federation of Female Lawyers (Cimini & Smith, 2020). The acronym is easy to remember and memorize; therefore, the customers will be impressed to visit or revisit the firm for legal services.


One of the critical areas of a company or organization’s branding process is the establishment and designation of a logo. For FFL, creating a logo will enable the customers to grasp substantial aspects of the organization by reflecting the firm’s first impression. The logo will wrap in the primary services, products, visions, and mission of the firm, conveyed in identical images and writings. The logo should include a maxim of equity, precisely describing the firm’s core commitment.

Figure 1. A good Logo for the Federation of Female Lawyers


A slogan is a typical succinct phrase that reminds customers of the primary goods and services provided by the firm. In law firms, a slogan powerfully communicates a wide range of information about the mission and vision of the firm. In this case, FFL’s “You have sought the right firm” is an excellent slogan to use to attract clients, thus helping to forecast an assurance for the clients., that their worries, legal pursuits, and grievances are in the right hands and will see a satisfactory result (Hadrian et al., 2021). FFL should use a brand extension to leverage its brand equity and awareness to establish more streams for revenue.

Brand Extension

As latterly perceived, brand extension enables a firm to introduce innovations and services within its operations. Comprehensively, a brand extension is a critical technique whereby a company creates a new brand category under the renowned brand name, aiding the launching and integration of new products and services without necessarily interrupting the firm’s operations. The Federation of Female Lawyers uses brand extensions to protect and maintain its reputation (Grove, 2019). In a case where FFL intends to introduce new services and products, it should use a brand extension to keep its core image secured while expanding to other products and services.

Primary and Secondary Target Markets

Primarily, the Federation of Female Lawyers steers to protect women’s rights by advocating for equality and justification of females in society. Most females across many parts of the world encounter tremendous challenges, such as sexual assault and rape, which affect them both physically and mentally. Therefore, FFL protects females’ fundamental rights and freedoms by representing the courts, advocating arrest and detention for perpetrators, and giving legal advice for females (Tien et al., 2019). Notably, men seem more predominant in the modern community than women. This aspect has led to significant inequalities, especially in property sharing. In consent of this relic belief, FFL advocates for women in civil and law courts by ensuring their rights are addressed without favoritism. FFL offers legal advice to females, which ranges from family-related advice to notifying them of their rights, giving them professional opinions, and educating them on human rights.

Age is a compelling factor in establishing the target market for FFL. In most cases, females under the age of 18 years are the one who needs a legal advocate. They are too young to express their grievances and lack the courage to stand in law courts to testify for denial of a specific right or an act that demeans their rights and freedom is perpetrated to them. The current lifestyle has elevated the number of crimes subjected to females. The current lifestyle is more exposed to social media, where a wide range of secular information, videos, and images are shared (Cimini & Smith, 2020). Therefore, FFL protects vulnerable females and children who are feloniously perpetrated.

Positioning Statement

In the modern world, crimes committed against females have elevated at an alarming rate, forcing female organizations to put on top gear in legal fields. Female federations in the community have been prioritized by female advocates and human rights, as females are deemed vulnerable. FFL uses Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to compete with other firms in the market. In order to differentiate itself from other firms, FFL integrates the use of specified gender, female, as its area of specialization (Tien et al., 2019). Among numerous legal firms, FFL stands uniquely to support women in specific. However, in pursuing legal reforms and order for females, FFL has encountered remarkable competition such as law firms, such as Hanson & Nahshon law firm, Pamela Law Firm, Gorospe Law Firms, and Graves McLain.

Amid numerous law firms in Toula, FFL stands to be the best firm in providing profound protection and legal advice. For this reason, for customers who want legal advice and representation], our brand is the best at its unique position and reputation in the market as an assurance for better services in the corridors of legal issues.

Consumer Behavior of Target Market

The behavioral response of females in the community has been pleasing. Females have sought legal reforms enabling them to admit FFL in protecting, promoting, and educating them on legal issues. In addition, females have expressed a positive behavioral response in seeking equity and justice in the community. The brand name, Federation of Female Lawyers, is critical in explaining the firm’s entire obligation and target market. In this breath, females are the target market. In addition, the FFL logo depicts volumes of its core objectives (Smith-Ditizio & Smith, 2022). The modern lifestyle has exposed females to numerous dangers and humiliation, such as sexual abuse and assaults. To ensure dynamic competition, FFL has integrated professional lawyers with good knowledge n regal issues, thus posing a competitive market position for clients.


The Federation of Female Lawyers (FFL) is a non-profitable organization comprising female lawyers. FFL has used diverse branding strategies through typical slogans, logos, and brand extensions. The brand extension will enable FFL to be upscale and launch new products and services in legal realms. FFL earns the best position in the archers as females are perceived vulnerable and thus need critical concentration to protect and safeguard their space in the corridor of legal issues. The Federation of Female Lawyers steers to protect women’s rights by advocating for equality and justification of females in society. Behavior response for the target market has reciprocated as females are on the verge hunt for equality and justice.

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