Nurses Violating the ANA Code of Ethics Nursing


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Nurses Violating the ANA Code of Ethics Nursing

Statutes of limitation are outlined for criminal litigation and civil use. The law is used to prevent the prosecution of stale claims, and unreasonable delay to conserve legal rights. Nonetheless, in the absence of a specific statute, statutes of limitation are irrelevant to disciplinary action, and administrative Board of Nursing license revocation. Virginia Department of Health Professional comprises of Virginia Board of Nursing. To protect the public, Virginia Board of Nursing, undertake disciplinary proceedings and action. This ensures ethical and suitably qualified individuals practice nursing. Case number 18299,187497 under the license number 0002-091180 and case number 196595 are among the individuals who violated the ANA Code of Ethics. Violation of the code will lead to licences suspension. These two nurses had their nursing practice rebuked by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

Case Number 18299, 187497 had broken several rules. On 31st July 2014, the Virginia Board of Nursing issued her license to practice nursing in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The nurse violated term number 1 of the Board’s order. Term number 1 of the Board’s order required the nurse to submit evaluations by a mental health specialist and a neurologist satisfactory to the Board within 90 days of the entry of the Board’s order. The documents that she submitted, medical records from Neuro-Care of Virginia dated 22nd February 2018 and medical records from Virginia South Psychiatric and Family Services dated 27th September 2017, 25th October 2017 and 22nd November 2017. These medical records were not evaluated and approved by the Board.

License 0002-091180 also violated the term number 2 of the Board’s Order. The Virginal Board of Nursing ordered the holder of the license to sign all required medical releases and authorization forms within 30 days of the entry. She failed to submit the medical release and authorization forms due on 16th February 2018.

The license beholder violated Virginia Code 54.1-3007(6). These violations are from the findings of facts number 5 through 8. On 12th September 2017, she was admitted to the Emergency Department at Southside Regional Medical Centre, Petersburg, Virginia for seizure-like symptoms and carbamazepine (2019, 28th March). On 13th September 2017, she was transferred to the intensive care unit of SRMFC for inpatient psychiatric treatment with initial diagnoses of epilepsy, a major depressive disorder with suicidal ideations, unspecified dementia, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, and poisoning by iminostilbenes. She admitted that her initial presentation for seizure-like symptoms was an intentional overdose and suicide attempt after she ingested 35 Tegretol 200mg tablets prescribed for her seizure condition. On 18th September 2017, she was discharged from SRMC with diagnoses of seizure disorder, major server depression with a suicide attempt and Tegretol toxicity. Upon discharge, the treating neurologist indicated that she was sometimes noncompliant with her seizure medications. Finally, during an interview with the investigator for the Department of Health Professions, she stated that she was scheduled to work the 11 a.mto 7 p.m shift at Hopewell Health Care Centre, on the day of her overdose. She acknowledged that her overdose and hospital admissions impacted her work.

The Virginia Board of Nursing findings and facts illustrated that case number 196595 on 4th March 2019 applied for licensure by examination to practice professional nursing in the Commonwealth of Virginia (2019, 28th March). The Virginia Board of Nursing found that the nurse violated code 54.1-3007(1) and 18 VAC 90-19-230(A) (1) (b) of the Regulations Governing Certified Nurse Aides in that on her application for licensure, she failed to disclose all of her criminal misdemeanour convictions from 2007 through 2010 and on her request, she only listed of them. Case number 196595 based on the findings of facts and conclusion by the Virginia Department of Health Professional. The Virginia Board of Nursing ordered her to Aube is reprimanded, her licensure to practice professional nursing in the Commonwealth of Virginia is approved without restriction (Epstein, Beth, and Martha Turner). The Board also ordered her to comply with laws and regulations governing the practice of professional nursing in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She was ordered that any violation of the preceding terms and conditions from the orders given or any statute or regulation that governs the practice of professional nursing will further her disciplinary action.

Nursing is a dedication to both wellbeings of the injured, sick, and vulnerable in the society and social justice. Nurses under case number 18299,187497 and 196595 violated the ANA Code of Ethics (Olson, L. L., & Stokes, F. 2016). Both nurses violated the fundamental principle for the inherent dignity and worth. Nurse 18299,187497 violated human rights by attempting suicide by overdose. These violations of the ANA Code of Ethics the Virginia Board of Nursing had the authority to take action against the licensees. These actions implicate that the nurses will not be able to attend to the sick. This employed authority allowed by managerial case law and law principles tends to pursue to prevent and eliminate such nurses from dodging disciplinary actions.


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