Learning to Lead Management Interview Worksheet

Learning to Lead Management Interview Worksheet

Complete the following table with the interviewee’s contact information:

Information Details

Interviewee’s Name Brenda Johns

Position Title Assistant Manager

Company Name Lindsay Corporation

Company Address Phone Email brendajohns@lindsay.org

Interview Questions

Include the following questions in your interview.

Question Answer

How do you set performance objectives? By setting realistic goals that are specific and achievable by the staff members.

How do you plan your work activities? I plan my work activities by doing a prior writing in my diary of the tasks that I am supposed to accomplish. Then I prioritize the tasks from the most important.

How do you arrange tasks, people, and other resources to accomplish the work? I assign work to employees depending on their knowledge and skills on the assigned work. I also make sure that my employees are comfortable with the duties assigned. If an employee is not comfortable I assign them other duties.

How would you describe your style of leadership? Liberal. I am always willing to respect and accept opinions that are different from my own.

How do you measure performance goals are being achieved? I set deadlines which help me to monitor and measure work done within a specific timeline. I create worksheets and mark already accomplished goals.

Develop 5 to 10 of your own additional questions. They should relate to how your interviewee plans, organizes, leads, and measures results in their respective department or organization.

Question Answer

How do you handle an employee who is not coopertative? I am a liberal leader who believes in communication. I will talk with the employee and get to know their issue but keep in mind to observe company rules. If we don’t get to the root of the problem I send them to an upper management.

What are your strengths as a leader? Commitment. I am very passionate about what I do so I give it my all.

How do you handle multiple projects due at the same time? I allocate each project a specific time to be accomplished. I work with deadlines.

What is the most important quality of a leader? Assertiveness. Every leader needs to make firm decisions and abide by them so that employees take you seriously.

How do you handle failure as a leader? Failure is part and parcel of life. We are prone to fail at some point. I recognize the fact that I am human so I accept where I have gone wrong and I do my best to learn from the experience and not repeat the same mistake.

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