Key Historical Figures in or relating to the Field of Psychology (3)

Key Historical Figures in or relating to the Field of Psychology

Aaron Beck

Abraham Maslow

Albert Bandura

Albert Ellis

Alfred Adler

Alfred BinetAlfred Kinsey

Anna Freud


B.F. Skinner

Carl Jung

Carl Rogers

Carol Gilligan

Charles Darwin

Charles Spearman

Ernest HilgardDavid Wechsler

Diana BaumrindDorothea Dix

Edward Bradford Titchener

Edward Thorndike

Edward TolmanEgas Moniz

Elizabeth Loftus

Erik Erikson

Ernst Heinrich Weber

Franz Anton Mesmer

Franz Gall

G. Stanley Hall

George Miller

Gustav Fechner

Hans Eysenck

Hans SelyeHarry Harlow

Helen Bradford Thompson Woolley

Henry Murray

Herman EbbinghausHerman Rorschach

Howard Gardner

Ivan Pavlov

James Cattell

Jean Piaget

John Berry

John Dewey

John Garcia

John Locke

John Stuart Mill

John Watson

Joseph WolpeKaren Horney

Konrad Lorenz

Lawrence KolbergLeon FestingerLeta S. HollingworthLewis TermanMargaret Floy Washburn

Mary Ainsworth

Mary Cover Jones

Mary Whiton Calkins

Max Wertheimer

Noam Chomsky

Paul BrocaPaul Costa/Robert MccraePhilippe Pinel

Phillip Zimbardo

Phineas Gage


Rene DecartesRobert Yerkes

Roger Sperry

Rosalie Rayner

Sandra BemSigmund Freud

Sir Francis Galton

Soloman Asch

Stanley Milgram

Stanley SchachterWalter B. Cannon

Wilhelm Wundt

William James

William Stern

Wolfgang Kohler

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