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Justice according to numerous individuals refers to fairness and it significant for every individual existence. However, it means different things to diverse groups for example, to the ordinary person it will typically mean due castigation when a criminal is punished for a crime. Also, social justice is termed as the perception that every individual deserves equal political, economic as well as social prospects regardless of their gender religion or race. The fair distribution of assets in the society is referred to as distributive justice. Besides, there is environmental justice which denotes to the unbiased treatment of all individuals regarding environmental burdens plus benefits. Therefore justice is among the excellent ethical values in the domains of law and politics; In the society, justice is regarded as that which is right based on the society moral notions of ethics, equity, fairness, religion, and rationality.

Thus justice needs to be in the norm of the prevailing standard of the rule of law (Bassiouni 2017, p.127). According to the rule of law, all decisions need to be made in accord with the law, and no individual is exempt from the law. In a democracy, respect for the rule of law is a significant necessity in safeguarding justice. Furthermore, it ensures that the individuals who are in power never makes some decisions about other people’s lives in an arbitrary as well as impulsive manner, basing on their abomination, beliefs or bigotry and not on what is lawful.

In ethics, legal and political philosophy, the concept of justice occupies the center stage typically. As justice possess diverse meanings in different practical contexts, it is vital to grapple it with this diversity to comprehend it. Firstly, it is evident from the daily routine activities that justice is associated with how individuals are treated. Justice issues arise in situations where individuals can advance some claims for instance to opportunities, resources, and freedom among others which are possibly inconsistent. In this case, the individuals appeal to justice to assist such conflicts through determining what each is entitled to have (Dionigi & Kleidosty, 2017). Though justice is predominantly a matter of the way in which the individuals are treated, there exists the possibility of speaking of justice for groups. This might include the instances like when the government is allocating some resources amongst different categories of citizens. In this situation, each group should be treated like it were a distinct individual for the allocation purposes.

Justice can be classified into three main categories which include: social justice, individual justice besides supernatural justice. The social justice comprises of the government legal systems in which several aspects like courts and judges are used in the implementation of justice. Personal justice encompasses an individual’s ethics while the supernatural justice truth denotes to karma and the benevolent gods.

Social justice

This is the major as well as the essential method of justice in most cultures. In this method, the act of coming up with a structure of laws are established by the society itself besides having some officials impose the rules. Therefore it is prejudiced by the leading religion plus the political group. Through the application of social justice, every individual can recognize what is right and what is wrong conferring to their nobles. Hence they will be competent to comprehend the corrective action which will be placed on them once they go in contradiction of those laws (Bosselmann, 2016).  However, this form of justice possesses some glitches, and one of them is that it prohibits the mainstream in creating the rapports of justice and the ethics of the minorities will eventually be seen as less vital and or they will be unheeded entirely. This has been experienced in numerous societies which have contentious issues.

Personal justice

This system of justice transpires to every individual irrespective of their ethical values. It can sometimes be referred to as a conscious as it typically occurs when an individual has an emotional response towards their deeds as a result of where the person was raised together with their ethics. Personal justice is quite useful since it conforms to an individual’s own life experience and ethics (Zehr, 2015).  Everybody is different and changing, therefore, resulting to social justice being clumsy and tiring to work on an individual measure, however social justice will always be fitting to an individual’s beliefs since they are a part of an individual’s beliefs.

Supernatural justice

This method of justice goes in line with peoples beliefs about something. Many people believe that justice is controlled and organized by a god, some force or energy. They also trust in supernatural forms of justice and thereby take ease in the point that justice will be obliged to everybody and this creates fear in them as it prevents them from doing the wrong deeds since they believe some supernatural justice will befall them.


As discussed above, justice takes some different forms typically, and this depends on the practical context in which it is being used. Therefore it is the responsibility of individuals, the government as well as the institution to uphold the rule of law so that justice will prevail in the societies. Justice is an essential part of ethics and hence should be given much consideration in our moral lives. Moreover, it is an expression of an individual’s mutual recognition of everyone’s essential dignity and an acknowledgment that if individuals live together in the interdependent society, they are obliged to treat others as equals.


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