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Chapter One Question

I have chosen chapter one for my journal entry. When well defined, communication competence signifies the knowledge of efficient and appropriate communication patterns and the capacity to use and adapt that knowledge in various settings. The viewpoint of communicative competence is one of the theories that underlie the communicative method to foreign language teaching. The notion of communicative competence grew out of resistance to the notion of linguistic by Noah Chomsky. Contemporary, a number of scholars consider linguistic competence to be part of communicative competence. Presently, the communicative competence theory is built of four competence sectors: sociolinguistic, discourse, linguistic, and strategic. Two of them center on the functional feature of communication, while the additional two mirror the linguistic system’s use.

One example of communication competence is an instance of my younger brother. He engages in turn, talking when in conversation instead of interrupting. He portrays a good competent communicator’s character by knowing when it is the appropriate time to ask questions to further the conversation and read the nonverbal cues. My brother also shows adaptability during his communication in a way that he assesses situations and, when necessary, adapt the expectations and behavior accordingly. He employs communication behaviors that each individual judges to be appropriate to the situation.

The communication competence model is a significant part of the insight process and aids us in comprehending communication events. Communication competence is essential in a way that is required in order to understand communication morals, to grow cultural awareness, to use computer-mediated communication, and to think critically. Competence embroils knowledge, motivation, and skills—the communication competence theory functions. The communicative competence model is used to teach and studying foreign languages and is the result of multiple linguist’s efforts.

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