Journal entry 7

Journal entry 7

Antigone is an idealistic character caught between doing what is morally right or obeying political laws. Antigone finds herself in this position after Creon prohibits the burial of one of her brothers. Based on the play, it is apparent that Antigone prioritizes the laws of the gods, and her desire to bury her brother, who was named a traitor, stems from her strong sense of family loyalty. Unlike Antigone’s priorities, her sister’s and uncle’s priorities are focused on political expediency hence their unrelenting stance in going against the laws of the gods. The conflict between Antigone and Creon results in the tragic demise of Antigone and multiple family members related to her. Creon also regrets his choices and laments that everything he has touched has amounted to nothing. Antigone is a tale that highlights the differences between political laws and moral laws and calls to attention the need for people to prioritize morals. While both Antigone and Creon ended up losing a lot, their choices highlight the possible implications of following either moral laws or political laws. While Antigone’s demise is tragic, I believe that the play highlights the limitations of political laws. For instance, Creon’s laws are dictatorial as they disregard human ties. As a result, Creon’s disregard for Antigone’s family obligations results in the loss of his own family. The play also reveals the complexity of life. It challenges the audience to stand for what is right as opposed to blindly following laws that judge people’s actions on an unrealistic dual system of black and white.

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