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Journal 4

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Journal 4

Communication is always of great importance between humans. This is a very unique feature of human beings. Even though other animals communicate it is not as advanced as human language and therefore the reason for it to be special. This course has taught different skills and types of communication which have been of great importance to me as well as my classmates. This paper discusses the goals set for this course at the beginning and a reflection on whether those goals were met.

Introduction to speech community has been of great importance in helping me unlock my communicative potential. There are crucial things I had to make better in my communication and this course has helped me be better. In my desire to be a better communicator and as well be a good listener I set my specific goals at the beginning of the course. I am proud to state that most of the goals have been met and that I will keep on following every skill that I have learned in this course in my communicative desire towards perfection. Some of these goals which were met include being able to identify and use non-verbal skills in the right manner to express me. I have also learned about a very wide variety of non-verbal communication which I never thought or imagined was a kind of non-verbal communication. For example, the link between culture and non-verbal communication is very strong and I had never thought about this. When a person puts on certain types of clothes either in unison with the other people or puts those kinds of clothes and is the only person putting them on they tend to communicate something. This was one of the most astonishing discoveries during this course.

The other part of a culture which I learned and was one of my goals was about the language we use and the behavior we usually have. I had always questioned what is culture and how does it impact communication. This was answered in this course since I learned that culture is a peoples way of life and this influenced communication even from the time one is born, the words which the person is taught is part of the culture and it is a very essential part of them since what a person learns when they are young as part of their culture is how a person ends up communicating to the people around him or her. It also takes a lot of energy to change how a person communicates be it verbal or non-verbal.

I cannot state categorically if there is an area that has not been addressed that was part of my goals. However, with the new knowledge from this course, I am hoping and desiring to keep on learning more about different people especially those around me. Through this kind of evaluation I will be able to understand the people around me more deeply and if there has been a misunderstanding before I will be able to realize it because understanding a person’s culture is part of understanding them. Without understanding a person’s culture or the reasons why they communicate in a certain way, the understanding of the communication of the person is lessened and there is a likelihood of misunderstanding. Therefore I desire to be able to understand everyone and listen to their communication so that I only reply most nobly.

In conclusion, communication is a crucial part of our daily lives, and employing the right kind of communication can enable one to unlock so many doors in life and become successful. However, a person can also be a bad communicator unintentionally and it is important to understand different people and treat them with respect.

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