Joshua Adams

Discussion 1

Joshua AdamsI concur with your observation that music is not inborn or biological but instead develops from the cultural backgrounds of people. Also, the use of consonants and dissonance does not originate from the western cultures since both the western and rural individuals can identify pleasant music and differentiate them from unpleasant.

Jose Lara

The ethnomusicologists experiment was conducted to critique the western thinking that consonants and dissonance developed in the western cultures and that individuals who have not stayed in such an environment will not be able to identify them. Music requires harmony for a kind of music to make it pleasant to people.

Discussion 2

Nicholi Rosencrans

I also felt that tiger rag music had a lot of instruments sounds that were not well coordinated, hence creating a noisy effect. For Glenn miller song was a little bit cooler and pleasant to listen. However, I don’t think that your assessment is entirely based on your western custom, but it may just be a natural impact.

Peter Diaz

You gave me an idea of how both musics can be pleasant depending on the environmental circumstance or mood at a particular moment. It is true that when one is in a mood for excitement, the tiger rag will be the best option. However, in a relaxing mood, moonlight serenade will be the best. This was awesome.

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