Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions


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Apparell is a retail fashion company that sells all sorts of clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. We pride ourselves in the best customer experience, both online and in our twenty stores across the country. The company started in 1998 specializing mainly in women’s clothes, but as demand for affordable and high quality athleisure increased, it expanded to men and children’s fashion as well. The company remains devoted to serving our customers quickly and efficiently, ensuring that casual wear looks as sophisticated and effortless as possible. Our employees are highly motivated individuals who have grown with the company because they enjoy their jobs. They have flexible working hours, good working conditions, good pay and a listening management team. In the recent past, we have been expanding more into the online space to broaden our customer base further. We recognize that our customers may not always have time to dash into a store but would instead make their purchases online. To make the process more efficient, we are looking to hire a Sales Manager specifically for the online sales department.

In today’s fast-paced world, many people turn to the internet to look for all kinds of goods and services. For a company or business to be successful, they must have a robust online presence for several reasons. First, the company can be able to engage with customers and understand exactly what the customer wants (Locander et al. 2018). This will help the company to tailor its goods and services for a specific market they are targeting. The company also gets feedback on customer satisfaction. In case of any corrections, the business can get right on it. The internet is also the fastest and cheapest way to advertise. Advertising on newspapers, billboards and TV costs significant sums of money, and small businesses cannot afford such expenses. The position requires a person who takes cognizance of all these facts and incorporates them in making daily, weekly and monthly plans.

Applicants must hold a certificate in sales and marketing and whatever level, be it a diploma, bachelor or master’s level. Of more importance will be experience that the person has. Applicants must have spent time working in a highly demanding position requiring them to make decisions on their feet. Our company has thousands of customers countrywide, and this means all of them must receive feedback in a timely and professional manner. There won’t always be time to think over many questions; therefore the sales manager should have decision making skills. They must also be able to command a team of people to meet a specific goal. Leadership skill is a must-have considering the position requires coordination with other departments to ensure that sales and online advertising turn in growing revenues. Experience in the fashion industry will e an added advantage since many of the tasks to be handled will be already familiar.

Some of the tasks that the employee will be required to perform include overseeing the online sales team. The team is made up of about thirty people spread out across six states. There have to be weekly meetings to coordinate. Some of the things to be addressed in the sessions include weekly projections and sales targets. Each store is of a different size and considering the location and other dynamics; an appropriate plan has to be made. Because it is impossible to have physical meetings, they will be organized through Skype and video conferencing. Customer feedback will be the main priority, and the manager will review reports from store sales managers every week. In addition to this, the sales manager will work with the accounts department to calculate how much online sales contribute to the overall revenues made by the store.

Personality is a significant part of the application process. The applicant has to be outgoing, friendly and slow to anger. The manager should be able to make the customer feel valued and appreciated. One of the ways to do this is to ensure that their opinions are answered and taken into consideration in making plans for the future. The sales manager, therefore, has to be willing to listen to and accommodate different opinions even if they may appear extreme or rude. Managing the online sales team means dealing with diverse people and the manager should be able to exercise patience, accommodate different opinions while at the same time retaining the authority that comes with their position.

When looking for a qualified candidate who makes the best fit for the company, online job boards are some of the quickest way to go. The first job board is Robert Half. The company enjoys exclusive deals with many companies meaning that companies only post opportunities to the website. Some of the advantages aside from exclusivity are that job seekers receive alerts if they have subscribed. Along with this is the salary guide that guides employers and employees towards the right offer for their position (Jansen et al. 2005). Trends in the workplace are analyzed often so that employers can stay up to date. CareerBuilder is another job board that has been around for a long time, about twenty years. The advantage of this website is that job seekers can search for their desired positions based on several criteria including salary and location. The job board has established partnerships with various media outlets and posts adverts from the outlets.

The third online job board is Indeed, one of the most well-known job sites locally and globally. The job board compiles jobs from other job boards and agencies and posts them to its website. The search criteria can either be local or global. is a meeting place for job seekers and employers. Applicants can upload their resumes so that employers can look through them. The thoughtful point is that the CVs are not posted to the website to allow people currently employed to look for jobs elsewhere. The fifth online job board is Ladders. This website is dedicated to high-level executives making upward of $100,000 in annual salary. Job seekers looking for managerial positions have to pay a subscription fee so that they can access the screened opportunities.

Company Services Offered

Robert Half Exclusive agreements with some companies. Job seekers post resumes

Salary guide

Workplace trends analysis

CareerBuilder Several search criteria including location and salary

Indeed Consolidates listings from other websites and offers local and global search criteria Job seekers upload resumes for employers to look through, but not posted on the website

Ladders Managerial positions for a subscription.

The online job board that I have chosen to advertise with is Robert Half. Many job seekers flock to the site, and I am confident that we will find the best candidate there. The salary guide will also help the company and the candidate reconcile their expectations. From the hundreds of resumes already posted, I am confident that I will meet many candidates uniquely qualified. Other benefits include the analysis of workplace trends. We as employers can keep up with current market trends including the shift towards online marketing. The search for potential employees and employers has been made much more comfortable and faster with the popularity of online job boards. People from all over the globe can look for a job from the comfort of their computers.


Jansen, B. J., Jansen, K. J., & Spink, A. (2005). Using the web to look for work: Implications for online job seeking and recruiting. Internet research, 15(1), 49-66.

Locander, D. A., Weinberg, F. J., & Locander, W. B. (2018). The Mediating Role of Sales Department Innovation Orientation on Creative Selling. Journal of Managerial Issues, 30(4), 463-403.

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