Is the Death Penalty Effective to Punish Capital Offenses

Is the Death Penalty Effective to Punish Capital Offenses?

Since the independence of the United States, its both federal and state governments have punished a significant percentage of arbitrarily-chosen execution with the ultimate death sanction. Over 14,000 individuals have fallen victims of capital punishment since colonial times. As at the 1930s, approximately 150 individuals were viciously executed every year. These practices could not go unnoticed for long as the general public outrage, civil rights activists, and legal challenges led to the waning of the methods. By 1967, the death penalty had virtually brought to a stop in America, waiting for the court decisions of several case files. A significant number of American demographic hold that capital punishment inherently goes against the constitution ban concerning cruelty and unusual punishment. On such, the state should not be subject to killing its citizens in the name of seeking justice. That merely is re-offending. This paper critically looks at the effectiveness of the death penalty as well as the justifications towards its ban.

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