International Budget Partnership

Article title: Article 2 and Governments’ Budgets

Author(s): International Budget Partnership

Reference: Article 2 and Governments’ Budgets | Publications. (2021). International Budget Partnership. Retrieved June 13, 2021, from name:

In this article, there is a clear explanation of what government budgeting means and how it relates to the citizens of that specific country. This article stresses that the government cannot provide all the services which are needed by its people without having a budget to make sure that what is supposed to be done for its people it’s done in a uniform and fair manner.

The purpose of this article is to provide the public with information o budgeting and help them realize the major purposes of a budget like an equal distribution of resources in the country. The article has achieved its information and data through qualitative and quantitative research which have enabled authors to determine the different points expressed herein. The article has and will continue to make positive changes to the people who read it since they get to learn the purposes of a government budget and how it works in their favor.

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