Inter-Sectionality in Sports

Inter-Sectionality in Sports

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Inter-Sectionality in Sports

Race, gender, and other societal issues that bring about segregation can also be factors to get us together. Most black women in the United States have had a rough past whereby they were completely unconsidered for jobs, education and they lacked a lot in terms of their dignity. However, with time, this has improved and it is better nowadays whereby the women get most of what they need more easily than before. This is especially true for jobs (Swanson, 2015). For example, in Vanderbilt’s case, Candice Storey Lee becomes the first woman to be an athletic director after Vanderbilt removes the position of an interim athletics director. This is a significant move since it recognizes women, and uniquely, it recognizes black women since she is the first woman and she is black.

Inter-sectionality is, therefore, an essential aspect of our daily interactions, which is very well depicted in the story of Lee. This is because not only is she a woman, but she is black. One thing is that women have always been looked down upon through history, whether white or black. However, when it comes to black women, there was a unique way they were never considered at all. Only the men were considered, and they were called boys. So having black women lead a Vanderbilt athletic group is a massive step towards positivity.

In the tide sport, there is also the discussion of inter-sectionality since after the census of 2016 was released, so many people got to understand the importance of all people of color and minorities since they made up to 30% of the total population (Racial & Gender Report Card | TIDES, 2016). Therefore, for any group to be recognized as aware of race and gender, they had to have a minimum of 30% people of color and minorities in their group. They are listed according to A+, A, A- and so on depending on the percentage of individuals in those organizations who are people of color and minorities.


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