Innovative teams to own the project and provision of incentives.





Innovative teams to own the project and provision of incentives.

Creating innovative teams ensures all departments are given the task of coming up with ideas. The task to come up with ideas builds up cohesive workforce. The creative team should be given to work with the idea and foster its growth. This ensures they are the sole owners of the idea and when they succeed they are a team. Motivation is important to get the work force to process ideas. Rewarding the best ideas with a prize will ensure everyone is involved (Huq, 2010). The reward can be in form of monetary value, or recognize the winner by announcing the winner to the rest. In some organizations a portrait of the winner is usually displayed and this motivates others to work harder.

Support creativity by having a positive working environment

It is important for an organization to understand that a too serious work environment is not good for the mind. Activities such as team building sessions can help employees relax and have an open mind about ideas. Activities such as this give speech to the voiceless, less confident individuals. This is done inform of brainstorming session where everybody can share ideas.

Empowerment does not happen without ownership because an employee has to prove he can do the job. Imagine an employee who does not display proper job initiative. He does not own the job and this is a sign that the management has not empowered them. Ownership cannot also happen without empowerment because releasing control of ownership ensures people feel empowered to truly work.

According to (Mimi, 2000) in business a flexible and productive work force always focuses on the success of organization. Skilled employees should constantly be trained on new skills as technology advances. Understanding technology helps in reducing labor cost thorough skilled employees. This is done by scheduling and arranging workers to best suit organization. The ability to be globally competitive organization has had skilled workers to grow and assist in innovation of the organization technology. Technology advancement means that a good worker has to have organizational skills, this enables each trainee to gain a new skill.


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