Phy Writing Assignment

Your task is to explore a controversy or complex issue in human development, taking into consideration various points of view and what research has to say on the subject. It isn’t necessary to take sides. You may come to your own conclusions; just be sure your conclusions make sense given the facts you present.

Important note on topic selection: “Nature vs. Nurture” is not an acceptable topic, as there is no controversy surrounding this issue. Research is clear that human development involves both biology and experience.

Also, I DO NOT want encyclopedic papers that just reports facts.  You should write on a topic you are interested in thinking about.

Paper Requirements:

All papers are to have a professional appearance. They are to be typed and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Papers should be about 850 words long (3 pages). The title page and reference page is NOT included in the 3 pages. You must use the equivalent of 3 journal articles. Cite your sources using APA style. An example of APA format is attached. You do not need to include an Abstract with this paper.

Begin by introducing the topic, explaining why it is a controversy and its relevance to human development.  Include relevant background information from the textbook.

Explain the different points of view in the controversy and the relevant evidence. For example, if one side argues that people are influenced by experiences they had before the age of 3, what experiments demonstrate that such memory exists? What experiments demonstrate that such memories have lingering influence?

Summarize the points of view. If you have formed a conclusion of your own, state it and state how you came to your conclusion. If you have not formed a conclusion of your own, say why not. Do you need more information? If so, what questions remain in your mind?

Management homework help

Help write Essay on the following

In the twenty-first century, if women are ever going to obtain true equality in the workplace, wouldn’t it be more ethical to declassify “Sex” as a protected class and allow women to compete toe-to-toe with their male counterparts so that those that can “handle the heat can stay in the kitchen” and those that cannot would be forced to get out? Wouldn’t this make for a stronger more competitive workforce?

Please be sure to include in your analyses:

1. Moral Imagination

2. The Kew Garden Principles

3. At least two Ethical Theories (hint: John Rawls’ Justice theory would be a good choice for one theory)

4. Kohlberg’s Moral Development Model

5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model

6. The relevant Law (especially federal law regarding illegal workplace discrimination)

7. Moral Courage

8. A specifically identified, defined and cited CSR Model

9. Any other applicable course concepts from previous or current assigned reading or research. Should be in APA format must use Boatright, J. and Smith, J. D. (2017). Ethics and the Conduct of Business. (8 ed.). Pearson as one of your source and reference. I have attached a sample format to follow . Reiterating use Boatright, J. and Smith, J. D. (2017). Ethics and the Conduct of Business. (8 ed.). Pearson as one of your references. Please cite even if it is a definition. helpful hint from the instructor are attach. Some hints do not apply to this paper. Must use Boatright, J. and Smith, J. D. (2017). Ethics and the Conduct of Business. (8 ed.). as reference for concepts 3,4, and 6.


Health And Human Science

1. Form the question of recurring concern: What should be done about obesity ? 

This question can be finalized before or after your group engages in the research. Be sure this problem fits the criteria for a recurring concern (and is not primarily a technical problem.) Criteria for recurring concerns include:

i. Complex problem related to health and wellbeing

ii. Difficult to solve

iii. Occurs from generation to generation

iv. Value-based

v. Multiple perspectives and contextual factors need to be considered in order to fully understand the problem

vi. May move toward a resolution resolved through reflective thought/action (but never solved once and for all)

vii. Solutions to address the concern may vary across generations

The rubric for this question is

Identified question of   recurring concern

In-depth explanation telling   why this is a recurring concern (i.e., identified at least 3 criteria and connected   to group’s definition).

Nursing homework help

Advanced Pharmacology 

Choose two diagnoses from the following list:

· Migraine

· Seizure Disorder

· Alzheimer’s Disease

· Bell’s Palsy

· Insomnia

For each of the two diagnoses you choose, select two drug categories used for treatment.

For each of the two drug categories, choose two specific pharmacological agents.

Include the following in your initial post:

· Your individual post should be in five well-developed paragraphs (500-700) words total).

· Explanation of the pathophysiology of the diagnosis.

· Description of the drug category: Overview of use/action.

· Analysis of the specific agents:

· Pharmacokinetics/pharmacotherapeutics, adverse drug reactions, interactions, monitoring, patient education

Integrate sources: Use a minimum three additional evidence-based articles within the last 5yrs only or sources (do not use lay press Internet sites).

Education homework help

Special educators must be able to effectively plan for students at all ages and abilities, using data and anecdotal information. An effective plan takes into consideration a student’s developmental level, age, strengths, needs, learning preferences, culture, and interests. Interventions that are well planned for students and are based on these factors are far more effective than interventions that narrowly focus only on the student’s academic skill deficiencies.

In this assignment, practice developing ELA instruction that is appropriate for the students described in the “Class Profile” by designing a comprehensive ELA unit plan using the “5-Day Unit Plan Template.”

Part 1: Unit Plan

Develop a 5-day unit plan that integrates vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, listening and speaking, and technology, for the “Class Profile” students, choosing either the resource or self-contained learning environment. In a typical resource or self-contained learning environment the teacher would differentiate for every student. For this assignment, choose three students for whom you will differentiate the instruction. Align your unit to a 6-12 grade level ELA standard from the Arizona or another state academic content standards.

Design the unit plan to include:

  • National/State Learning Standards: Select standards that address reading, writing, speaking, and listening integration skills.
  • Multiple Means of Representation: Select strategies that allow opportunities to develop oral and written language for students with disabilities. Incorporate individual abilities, interests, learning environments, and cultural and linguistic factors in the section.
  • Multiple Means of Engagement: Select strategies to enhance language development and communication skills.
  • Multiple Means of Expression: Use technically sound formal and informal assessment.
  • Extension Activity and/or Homework: Incorporate activities that include critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • In the Differentiation rows of the unit plan template focus on the three students you selected.

Part 2: Rationale

In 250-500 words rationale at the bottom of your unit plan, explain the following:

  • How literacy skills from your lesson plan will be helpful for students in other content areas.
  • How communication and language arts strategies prepare students and provide them strategies to be successful academically and personally across multiple settings with a variety of collaborators (e.g., individuals, families, and teams).

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

Sociology homework help

Choose ONE of the following questions to answer as a response to this post:

Choice A: “Amalia Ulman Is the First Great Instagram Artist” tells the story of a young woman who found fame on social media through a conscious manipulation of her image. When her Instagram “story” was revealed to be fiction, one response from her followers was anger.

Using the readings from this week, explain what happened.

How did Amalia construct the narrative on Instagram in the first place? In what ways did it illustrate what we have learned this week about gender performance?

· How did she rely on typical media portrayals of women?

· How did her performance critique media portrayals of women?

· Was her performance a lie?

· Why were her followers angered when her work was revealed as a fiction?

· Is there any way in which intersectional issues influenced both her initial popularity and the depth of the betrayal felt by some of her fans?

· How was her use of social media similar to or different from the way most people use it in terms of her presentation of self?

· Can Judith Butler’s theories help us to understand Ulman’s art or the way we use social media?

Choice B: Based on your reading for this week, discuss whether the media reflectsor influences the way we “do gender” in our society. You may also argue that it does both. Topics to consider:

· Consider the differing ways media portrays women and men, and how these portrayals might be consumed by audience members of a variety of gender identities.

· How does the performance of gender in the media differ from the performance of gender in “real life?” How can Judith Butler’s theories be useful in discussing this topic?

· How do intersectional identities influence whether individual people feel that the media reflects their gender?

· Why do you think transgender people have protested the use of cisgender actors to play transgender roles on television and in film?

· Come to a conclusion: what is the relationship between media portrayals of gender and ourselves?

Choice C: Locate an advertisement that depicts an image of women, girls, men and/or boys in a respectful and/or empowered manner that deviates from the traditional gender norm.

Post it here and/or post the URL so that others can view it.

Referring directly to our readings for the week,

1. Describe how the advertisement you chose “rewrites the rules.”

2. Is intersectionality represented in your chosen advertisement? Please explain.

3. Use Judith Butler’s theories to explain why the creator of the ad may have made the choices we see here in terms of the way the characters “do gender.”

4. What impact might this advertisement have on real-life opportunities and possibilities offered men and women in their personal and professional lives?

Learning Resources


1. “Gender Embodiment” from Encyclopedia of Gender in Media:
2. Introduction to Judith Butler’s Theories on Gender Identity:
3. Judith Butler: Your Behavior Creates Your Gender:
4. Understanding Gender:
5. Frequently Asked Questions about Transgender People:
6. Chapter on Media from the Rebus textbook Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies:
7. “The Dangerous Ways Ads See Women,” with pioneering activist and cultural theorist, Jean Kilbourne:
8. Read through each of the linked pages found here, on the Media Smarts homepage for Men and Masculinity:
9. Amalia Ulman Is the First Great Instagram Artist:

1. Every Sex & Gender Term Explained:
2. “The Sexy Lie,” by Caroline Heldman:
3. Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity:
4. Dove Evolution; A brief video from the Dove Real Beauty Campaign showing a female model before, during and after make-up and photoshopping:
5. Dove Campaign for Real Beauty (male version):
6. Vermeulen, L., Van Bauwel, S., & Van Looy, J. (2017). Tracing female gamer identity. An empirical study into gender and stereotype threat perceptions. Computers In Human Behavior, 71, 90-98:
7. “4 Reasons Why Calling a Woman of Color ‘Exotic’ Is Racist,” by Rachel Kuo:
8. Building a Bigger Action Hero:

Psychology homework help

Complete your treatment plan template for Eliza based on the previous assignments findings and any feedback received from your instructor. Additionally, write and submit a 700-1,050-word essay that includes the following:

  1. The treatment theory you would use and why.
  2. A description of how you would address any mental health, medical, legal, and substance use issues that the client exhibits in the case study through the lens of your counseling theory of choice.
  3. Include at least three scholarly sources in your paper.

I will provide previous assignment to work from…

Operations Management homework help

Essay 2 – (Short Story/Fiction) Argument Analysis

For the Short Story/Fiction Argument Analysis essay you will choose a controversial issue and pick a side. Choose any short stories/fiction articles in the class textbook. You will try to persuade the reader that your viewpoint is logical and valid. You will do this through research. Locate solid evidence from outside sources and recognize and refute the opposing viewpoint (view of the other side).

For this paper you will need:

  • Controversial issue – (Pick one/two short stories from the textbook.)
  • Take a side on the issue
  • Include a strong introduction with an attention-getter
  • Create a Thesis Statement
    1. Clearly states the controversial issue
    2. Clearly states your position on the issue (for or against)
    3. Includes your main points of support for the topic
  • Include background information on the topic if necessary
    1. This will typically be a paragraph or shorter and is only to be used to help your reader understand your topic if necessary
  • Research at least 1 to 2 sources from the Library Databases or non-scholarly internet websites to use in your paper
    1. Successfully and effectively incorporate them into your paper using proper citations for each quote
  • Recognize an opposing viewpoint and refute
    1. Only have to recognize one opposing viewpoint
  • Offer a course of action or a solution/proposal in your conclusion
  • Turn in a Work Cited sheet in correct MLA format with your paper

*A useful Website to register with (this is free) in order to double check your citation is:

Thesis Statement (con.):

You need to formulate a strong thesis that:

  • Names the subjects being compared and contrasted
  • Indicates whether the essay focuses on the subjects’ similarities, differences, or both
  • States the essay’s main point of comparison or contrast-this will be your plan of development for the paper (food, clothing, entertainment, etc)


Note: Students may consult one online article to compare/contrast to a textbook story. Students will either compare/contrast two textbook stories, OR compare/contrast one textbook story to one online article of their choice.


Textbook: Arguing about Literature (Schlib and Clifford)  ISBN number: 978-1-4576-6209-6



Paper Requirements:

Follow MLA Guidelines

Proper Heading (Name, Instructor’s Name, Class, Date) and Header (Student’s Last Name pg #)

3 to 4 FULL pages or longer (Note: The 3rd page is not the Works Cited page)

Double spaced

1 inch margins

12 point Times New Roman font

3rd person Point of View

No Contractions

Quotes (minimum of two)

Internal Citations

Works Cited page for any sources  







After the essay, you need discussion:

What two stories/articles did you choose for Essay 2?

What are the articles about?


Each question is one paragraph

One paragraph at least 5-7 sentences







History homework help


TOPIC: ADVOCACY  ORGANIZATION (Any advocacy organization  helping people with different disabilities of your choice in Canada or United State). . . . .MAKE IT AN HOSTING ORGANIZATION.

Answer the following:

Section 1 (2 Pages)

  • How does your hosting organization approach advocacy work ?
  • How would you describe their advocacy efforts (ethics, priorities, goals, etc.) ?
  • How does your agency collaborate with other community or like-minded organizations ?
  • How does your agency work with networks ?

    Section 2: (1 Pages)

  • Write a one-paragraph review of this agency for people who would
    like to learn about the agency and consider submitting it to google.

    Section 3: (2 pages)

  • Write a blurb for your resume about your experience with this organization.
    (Only include blurb in this paper. I do not want to see your new resume).

For example, include the title of your work, the agency, location and year worked
as well as 2-3 lines which succinctly say what you did.

                                                          Section 4: (2 pages)

  • Considering the current reality of COVID-19, what kind of immediate
    advocacy efforts are needed to meet the needs of low-income and vulnerable
    peoples in western country.
  • Write what efforts are needed and what community agencies (if
    known) are poised to meet these needs. If this is too triggering, consider
    reviewing Budget for All, advocacy work on All or on the City.


Read the article Teacher Attrition: A Costly Loss to the Nation and to the States. A major concern in many education programs is the high rate of teacher attrition. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the estimated national cost of replacing outgoing teachers is $2.2 billion (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2005), money that could be better spent on the program or staff development. Identify and describe a policy related to teacher retention. Then, evaluate the significance of the retention policy in relationship to the desired program outcomes.


Only needs to be bout 250 words. Nothing huge it is only a discussion question