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Evaluation of on-line Postings

Evaluation of graded discussion posting is based upon the clarity of expression, application of the course concepts to your experiences, synthesis of course ideas, correct American English grammar, correct American English spelling, and timeliness of submission. You should consider the work you submit to me as clear demonstrations of your knowledge. Your classmates and I are the audience for your postings, so you should write these submissions as clearly and as knowledgeably as possible.

To facilitate these written elements, use the CREER format. CREER is an acronym for Concept, Rule (Definition), Example, and Explanation of Reasoning. This is a style of writing that is often used in social science and legal courses. A student using this style will incorporate the course material and demonstrate her or his understanding of it.

Completion of each discussion posting may worth up to 10 pt each. A posting thatâs evaluated as âexcellentâ across all four CREER Elements (Claim, Rules/definition, Examples, Explanations) would earn 1 pt for claim, 2 pt for Rules/definition, 3 pt for examples and 4 pt for explanations.

CREER Elements










Minimum reference to claim

Claim slight mentioned through text but not clearly stated;

somewhat vague

Clearly stated claim

Clearly stated claim, at the beginning of the writing and well-connected to following arguments and examples

Rules or Definition

Minimum reference to definition

Slightly mention;

Or citing definition from unreliable sources

Clearly stated

Clearly stated with correct citing format and documentation (APA style);

Resonating with claim;


Minimum reference to example

Example mentioned but without communication details

Example described using communication details;

Example described using communication details;

Resonating with claim and definition


Not presented

Slight mention;

Somewhat vague;

Weak logical connection to rules and examples

Explanations situated within either the example or the definition;

Explanation situated within both the example and the definition, which shows how the example demonstrates the definition and claim;

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