Research Paper – Stereotyping

You are to write a 5+ page research paper about stereotyping. Below I have given you some requirements as well as some questions to answer in your paper. You should answer all of the questions provided, but you do not have to limit yourself to these questions. Feel free to go beyond the questions provided and let the research guide your writing.

REQUIREMENTS: ï¡ a minimum of 5 full pages in length (typed, double spaced) ï¡ standard margins and font sizes ï¡ must contain an introduction, body (multiple paragraphs), and conclusion ï¡ a minimum of 5 sources required ï¡ MLA or APA style in formatting your title, in-text parenthetical citations, and bibliography/works cited list

SOURCES: ï¡ requires academic sources (no Wikipedia, no internet sources that lack credibility) ï¡ at least one journal article from a database (if you donât know how to find a journal article, you must learn) ï¡ at least one hard copy library resource (SCC or other library) â highlight this source on your bibliography/works cited list ï¡ if you use our textbook, it will not count as one of your five sources

QUESTIONS/PROMPTS: ï¡ Chapter 2 introduces us to the word âstereotypeâ. Provide three other definitions of stereotyping. One should be your own and two should come from outside sources (not from your textbook). Which of the three definitions do you like the most and why? ï¡ What are three groups of people you stereotype (or have stereotyped sometime in your life)? Explain each of the three stereotypes and give examples. ï¡ Where do you think stereotypes come from? Have you ever had a time when you saw evidence that your stereotype was incorrect? Did it make you change your mind about the stereotype? ï¡ Pick one of the three groups that you stereotyped and do some research about that group. Report your findings. After doing this research, do you feel differently about the group?

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