Select all of the following that are examples of consumer sales promotion techniques: Select one or more: coupons, contests, loyalty programs b. QR…

1.Select all of the following that are examples of consumer sales promotion techniques:

Select one or more:

a. coupons, contests, loyalty programs

b. QR codes, catalogues, telemarketing

c. rebates, sweepstakes, samples

2.The Juarez family is looking for a new cable company. After conducting research, they decide on a new cable provider. They call the new cable provider and mention they are going to switch from another provider. The salesperson at the new cable provider congratulates the Juarez family and lets them know that the new provider has been rated the highest in customer satisfaction in the industry. The salesperson tells them that if they sign up today for cable service, he will offer them a great monthly rate plus a free three-month trial of ten premium channels that they can cancel at any time. The Juarez family likes what they hear, and they sign up for the service. The salesperson has used which type of IMC marketing materials to close the sale?

Select one:

a. email, surveys, social media

b. case studies, videos, product demonstrations, presentations

c. discounts, sales promotions, testimonials

3.The process involving coordination of a variety of different communication tools used to deliver a common message and impact customers’ perceptions and behavior is known as ___________.

Select one:

a. marketing through distribution

b. integrated marketing communication

c. defining the message

4.What are the vital roles marketers play in supporting the sales process?

Select one:

a. Marketers need to provide tools to the salespeople to assist them in closing deals.

b. Marketers need to provide motivational coaching for salespeople to do their job.

c. Marketers need to give a customer moving through the decision-making process space to be influenced primarily by the salespeople.

5.What is one of the major factors for success with a marketing campaign?

Select one:

a. spending a large amount of time on creating a message

b. having a clear and consistent message

c. creating a message that is a broad market message

6.A business wants to fit its products or services to match the local market’s needs. It recognizes that global markets are very diverse and that the business’s marketing needs to respond to that diversity by adjusting its marketing for consumers in those markets. This business has chosen which marketing strategy to approach the market?

Select one:

a. a standardization strategy

b. a centralization strategy

c. a localization strategy

7.A Swedish children’s toy company is sending its toys to other countries in South America to sell through various distributors. What is this type of entry strategy called?

Select one:

a. exporting

b. franchising/licensing

c. joint ventures

8.Choose the best description of one of the benefits of globalism for businesses.

Select one:

a. They have the ability to quickly find effective organizational leadership who possess suitable skills and knowledge of a geographic market in order to attract talented managers.

b. They have the ability to effectively and efficiently incorporate new regions in the corporate structure and value chain with greater ease.

c. They have the ability to sell goods and services in multiple countries while choosing to produce in countries that allow for more profitability.

9.Which areas need to be addressed in a promotional campaign when entering a global marketing place?

Select one:

a. values, language, business norms, colors, language, holidays, and religious beliefs

b. transportation systems, national flag, exchange rate, and the size of country

c. history, trade agreements, patent laws, neighboring countries, and waste management systems

10.How is a marketing plan used by marketers to set up a business on a journey towards success?

Select one:

a. It helps marketers present the recommended marketing strategy to various stakeholders in the company and creates a common vision in the company to coordinate resources and efforts.

b. It provides marketers with a platform to display as many marketing concepts as necessary to the company’s new employees.

c. It gives marketers a tool to use for an extended period of time of the company’s marketing strategies.

11.There are many reasons why organizations fail to execute a marketing plan effectively. Which of the following best explains how a large amount of employees can contribute to the failure of a plan?

Select one:

a. a lack of funding from the stakeholders

b. a lack of persistence by the management

c. a lack of communication between all members involved in the process

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