Respond to the following thread using 200-250 words. Please state 2 things that you agree with and RESPECTFULLY 2 things that you disagree with. Please see sample reply for the format.TOP OF THREADHow

Respond to the following thread using 200-250 words. Please state 2 things that you agree with and RESPECTFULLY 2 things that you disagree with. Please see sample reply for the format.


How has technology has positively and negatively affected the communication process? By Darryl

            Nothing has impacted our lives more than the revolutionary technological changes that have been developed over the last decades. Technology has impacted society in a variety of ways. It impacts communication, what and how we learn and it helps us to live comfortably. However, the major impact that technology has made on society can be seen in the way we communicate. The impacts of technology on communication and our chosen communication methods have changed for the better and unfortunately, the worse. Below we will discuss both the positive and negative impact of technology on communication.

             Communication technology has revolutionized the communication process. Mobile technologies enable more spontaneous and frequent communication among family members (Lanigan, 1999, pg. 589. Technology has made it easier for us to stay connected. The mobility of technology allows family members to micro ordinate their activities, communicating in real time to arrange family logistics … (Ling & Haddon, 2001, Lanigan, 1999, pg. 599). Although cellular technology has promoted the frequency of family communication it is important to note that it also has the potential to reduce communication. This disconnect can lead to misunderstandings involving nonverbal communication.

         Information and Communication Technology (ICT) affects the global economy and the business world enormously (Seo, Lee, & Kim, 2010, pg. 1). Physical capital and labor use to be the major production factors. However, in our modernized economy we have new factors such as, “human skills, workplace organization, information and communication technologies (ICT), and knowledge have become very important (Seo, Lee, & Kim, 2010, pg. 1). ICT has transformed the way business is conducted. Faster communication allows for messages to be sent around the world instantly. Communication must also be more deliberate which is one way of not losing touch with staff and to ensure all staff members are aware of the goal. A downside to technology is that it is more distracting such as the constant barrage of emails or messenger chats that were designed to make staff more productive but actually has the reverse affect.

In conclusion, technology has made communication instantaneous. It has enabled faster communication within families and businesses both faster and easier. However, at times this communication can be distracting and unclear. In family’s poor communication can lead to misunderstandings. In businesses, misunderstandings can be costly.




Reply to Tiffany’s thread on Networking

     Tiffany did well to provide a thorough, appropriate, and relatable personal experience that dealt with networking. Making sure you know the rules for successful networking may be the key to your success when it comes to meeting new contacts. Another thing that Tiffany did well was to explain how networking serves two distinct purposes, both socially and professionally, that can amass an array of contacts, colleagues, and friends.

     I have to respectfully disagree with Tiffany’s comment that “networking comes naturally.” For someone like me, with introverted tendencies, it takes a great amount of emotional energy to network with others, making networking very unnatural. Something I thought Tiffany could have added to improve her thread would be to add a few tips for improving one’s networking skills. For example, Hutson (2009) states that one should rely on friends, family, and co-workers for referrals. A second tip is that networking is about building mutual relationships and that your interaction with potential prospects should convey that you are both willing to help others and that you have something of value to offer (Hutson, 2009). I, for one, could definitely benefit from knowing a few tips to improve my networking skills.

     Overall, the thread’s author had some good insight on the topic of networking from a personal and business standpoint. Tiffany helped offer an understanding of the topic, as well as a few ways one can become a more successful networker.

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