Respond to the following thread using 200-250 words. Please state 2 things that you agree with and RESPECTFULLY 2 things that you disagree with. Please see sample reply for the format. TOP OF THREADD

Respond to the following thread using 200-250 words. Please state 2 things that you agree with and RESPECTFULLY 2 things that you disagree with. Please see sample reply for the format.


DB 3 by Shady

Discuss several actions you can take during a presentation to increase your effectiveness as a speaker

     Public speaking is one of the few weaknesses that possess hundreds of business employees, including those in management positions. Speaking in front of a group is a difficult matter to master, and therefore requires the use of useful tips and focus in order to be successful. Marjorie North, the author of 10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills, published in the Harvard University Professional Development Program, states 10 different tips for bettering the odds of a successful speaking event. Here, the focus will be on three specific tips that will greatly assist in increasing the effectiveness as a speaker.

     The most key factor in creating better effectiveness is organization. Organizing a speech is the most key factor in allowing the message to properly reach the audience. Within the first 30 seconds, the audience’s attention should be captured, creating the proper attention needed for proper message relay (North 2017). The second factor is not reading from a sheet of paper, but rather have an outline prepared, creating points, not an essay. Reading from any form of aid distracts from eye contact with the audience, and therefore distracting from proper interaction with the audience.

     Finally, a key factor in creating an effective presentation is understanding that nervousness is a normal factor, and that practice is key. Keeping up with practice before a presentation allows for understanding the material before presenting. Seeing and practicing the material allows for a memory of the information, allowing for more memory presenting, rather than reading from an aid. Us


F. (2016, November 03). 10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills | Harvard Professional Development | Harvard DCE. Retrieved from




     Tiffany did well to provide a thorough, appropriate, and relatable personal experience that dealt with networking. Making sure you know the rules for successful networking may be the key to your success when it comes to meeting new contacts. Another thing that Tiffany did well was to explain how networking serves two distinct purposes, both socially and professionally, that can amass an array of contacts, colleagues, and friends.

     I have to respectfully disagree with Tiffany’s comment that “networking comes naturally.” For someone like me, with introverted tendencies, it takes a great amount of emotional energy to network with others, making networking very unnatural. Something I thought Tiffany could have added to improve her thread would be to add a few tips for improving one’s networking skills. For example, Hutson (2009) states that one should rely on friends, family, and co-workers for referrals. A second tip is that networking is about building mutual relationships and that your interaction with potential prospects should convey that you are both willing to help others and that you have something of value to offer (Hutson, 2009). I, for one, could definitely benefit from knowing a few tips to improve my networking skills.

     Overall, the thread’s author had some good insight on the topic of networking from a personal and business standpoint. Tiffany helped offer an understanding of the topic, as well as a few ways one can become a more successful networker.

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