Persuasive Strategy Report

TOPIC :Cigarettes should be illegal.

Part 1: Describe and Explain your persuasive strategies.

  1. Note the specific purpose of your speech. After noting the purpose statement, reflect further on the type of persuasive message you will be developing using terms from class: a speech to change attitudes, call for action, inspire commitment, or compare and contrast perspectives.
  2. Note the thesis statement of your presentation using the guidelines for framing a thesis sentence. Observe how the content of your speech will be most closely centered on claims of fact, questions of value or questions of policy?
  3. Explain your strategies for Audience Analysis and Adaptation
    1. Review the outcomes from the Audience Analysis Questionnaire and some of the reflections from Discussion 03 concerning audience analysis. Explain how you will tailor your speech to the audience in light of the political typology, audience demographics, values and attitudes. ( my results was religion 7 society )
    2. In terms from our text how do you expect audience members to respond to your message? Note especially pp. 192-194.
    3. Drawing further from Chapter Seven, describe the best ways to motivate your audience with this topic. In what way will they be motivated in light of how relevant the topic is to their interests, timeliness of the subject matter, and significance to their lives?
    4. Drawing on our audience analysis, how can you created identification with your audience in terms of the value priorities of the audience? Identify shared values to emphasize that relate to the position you hold.
  4. Identify your Principle Persuasive Strategies using the terms from Chapters Twelve that explains types of arguments, from Chapter Nine on modes of proof, from Chapter Fourteen for aspects of credibility and Organizational Pattern for persuasiveness viz. Problem-Solution, Problem-Cause-Solution, Comparative Advantages, Monroe Motivated Sequence. In addition, explain what types of Supporting Materials you intend to use in your speech using the terms from Chapter Eight.
  5. Review the feedback you received from your classmates from your last two speeches as well as your own assessments of your speeches. Highlight two or three goals for improvement you want to accomplish in light of that feedback.

Present the Preparation Outline of your speech with side notes that explain how you are developing the parts of your speech. Draw on Chapter 11 to include the essential elements, noting that the parts of your outline should follow the four rules for the preparation outline detailed in pp. 134-135:

  1. Introduction: the five parts of attention-getter, relevance to audience, develop credibility, state your argument and preview of main points, and relevance of the topic to yourself. This may be done in paragraphs or in full-sentence outline format.
  2. Body: Include the main points and the sub points with a full-sentence format and use notations to identify the various elements: label the enumeration of main points in Roman numerals, identify persuasive strategies for the sub points that are indicated with capital letters drawing on the principle persuasive strategies that you highlighted in #4 above, note the kinds of supporting material that you indicated with numbers and use labels to identify the type of evidence used such as examples, narratives, surveys, types of testimony, analogies, definitions, numbers and statistics.
  3. Conclusion: Identify how you are accomplishing the goals of the ending such as signaling your conclusion, summary/instant replay function, and statement of closure/action to clinch the ending.

Draw on the following Outline Checklist (Formal Sentence Outline Checklist.pdf) to make sure you have included all of the key parts.

Part 2: Develop an annotated bibliography using the following guidelines:

List research materials in bibliographic form that you have found on your topic and evaluate these sources as an annotated bibliography. For your reference, here is a guideline on annotated bibliography. You should find
five sources as follows:
Note: You are at liberty to use a range of types of research strategies. One helpful strategy is to go to the Northern Virginia Community College Library site. There you can search for a variety of types of sources.

  1. One Book: If you are doing a speech relevant to your major, consider a text book for this. If you draw on the NVCC library, click on the tab at the library webpage for “Books and eBooks.”
  2. One Scholarly Journal Article: Journals can be located by using a specialized database in a given academic field by clicking on the tab for “Research Guides” and selecting your field, or use the “Articles” tab and then choose “Recommended Databases for Most Topics” to find a more general database. Good starting points for this are Academic Search Complete click the box for Academic (Peer Reviewed) Journals. Another useful tool is ProQuest, where you can click on Proquest Research Library to select a field of academic inquiry. Each of these resources will also enable you to limit your search to full-text sources.
  3. One Newspaper or Magazine Article: From the NVCC Library page, select “Articles” and then “Recommended Databases for Most Topics.” The best sources to use in terms of breadth of topics available are Academic Search Complete where you can narrow to newspapers, or Proquest and select Proquest Newstand.
  4. One Credible Website or Media Clip: As you select websites, draw on the criteria for judging the credibility of Internet materials found in Chapter Six of our text. For media materials, the NVCC library includes a tab for Audio and Video.
  5. The fifth resource is your choice

For each of these sources, do the following:

  1. Write the APA format citation that you would include in your references list. Formatting for each type of material can be found in Chapter Six. Be sure to distinguish between APA format and MLA. NOTE: If you have any questions about APA style and annotated bibliography, you may post your questions in the Ask a Librarian Forum. ELI librarians are here to help you!
  2. List your sources by alphabetic order, using the last name of the primary author of each work you are citing.
  3. Write a one paragraph summary of the source using your own words. Make sure to label the type of source (e.g., Book, Website, Journal Article, etc.).
  4. Write another paragraph evaluating the source. Will it be a helpful source to include in your speech? Why or why not? How does it provide information that will demonstrate the main points that you will develop in your speech and/or provide information for connecting with your audience?

Audience Analysis


This is the link to the results of the survey:…

There are certain terms which are contained in the survey which I can associate with. As far as the degree to which the beliefs and demographic categories pertain me, I strongly believe that I am in the faith and family category. The survey states that the people in this category place emphasis religion and claim that it is quite important. I also second this opinion. On the other hand, I do not fall on the social characteristic of this particular group which states that there is a high number of the least educated persons in the community.

There are different positions that have been reached in the survey about people that fall in the different categories. As far as the faith and family left category which I fall in is concerned, certain conclusions have been reached. There are some positions in this group which I relate with. I strongly believe in Government institutions and their ability to help change the way people live. Personally, I strongly believe that there is need to enhance the rate at which the society is growing since it will have great impact on the growth and development of the community. As such, the government programs which bring about this change are quite important to me.

Type and single space your responses using 12 point Times New Roman font.For your reference, here is a sample annotated bibliography, Example Annotated Bibliography.pdf.

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