Persuasive Speech Topics Review


All education should be free.

Cigarettes should be illegal.

Smoking in public places should be fined.

Why Gay Marriage should be legalized. (Gay rights)

Teachers, too, should keep their mobiles in silent during class.

Should students have to wear uniforms?

Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?

  1. Identify 7 possible topics that you would like to explore for your persuasive speech using the enumerated list below that will help you identify your experiences and expertise that would be good starting points for a topic. Write two paragraphs for each of the five you select.
  2. For the first paragraph for each 7 of the that you select, you simply start with these statements. For instance, âA legal rule or social norm I disagree with isâ and then you elaborate on this with a couple of sentences explaining what that rule is and why you disagree with it.
    • One cause Iâm actively involved in is â¦.
    • Three recent current events that have had a big impact on me are â¦..
    • A controversial issue that people in my culture of origin deal with is â¦.
    • One of the political issues that energizes me a great deal is â¦. (You might consider political positions you strongly favor or oppose.)
    • A legal rule or social norm I disagree with isâ¦
    • The most important change that our society should make isâ¦..
    • A serious injustice that ought to be challengedâ¦.
    • If I could pass a law, it would call for â¦.
    • A problem in our society that is important, but mostly overlooked is …
  3. For the second paragraph on each 7 of the topics from above that you selected, write a paragraph explaining how you might develop this topic as a persuasive speech with one of the specific purposes for persuasion as a question of fact, value, policy or refutation. Use the concepts from Chapter Fourteen as you describe your aim in being persuasive with each of the five topics:

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