Instructional Guide

This assignment will assess the following competency: 3. Develop instructional writing skills.

Directions: For this assignment, you will submit a cover memo and an original set of instructions introducing the instructions to your readers. The cover memo should be the first page, followed by the instructions.

Write a set of instructions for one task that you are familiar with for an audience who is not familiar with your topic. The instructions must be 1-2 pages. Topics may include but are not limited to:• How to avoid plagiarism• How to proofread your written work• How to give a peer review• How to search for and find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

Key concepts to include:• Instructions should be clear and concise.• Instructions should be organized in a “user-friendly” manner.• Instructions should include definitions or clarifications for advanced terminology.• Instructions should include warnings/cautions.• Instructions should include pictures/diagrams to help clarify instructions (use if needed; not required).

Along with the instructions, submit a cover memo addressed to your instructor discussing the following questions:• What is the purpose of your instructions?• Who is your intended audience?• How did you organize the instructions (step by step, bullet list, narrative format, etc.) and why did you choose that format?• What were the warnings/cautions you needed to include?

The cover memo must be 250-500 words. (Review chapter 15 for sample memo formats.)

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