Customer Service Unit 1 Assignment

Read the following message that was posted recently on the Skippers Shoes blog by an unhappy customer.

Posted by: notsohappycustomer date: 6/12/2015

I have to say that I have been a customer of Skippers Shoes for quite some time. I love to shop the store at the mall, especially for my grandkids. I thought I would try out their online website at and see if I could shop online for the shoes that I need as I am unable to get to the mall due to lack of time. I find it so convenient to shop from the comfort of my home at any time of day. I noticed that the website is really lacking. The product catalog only consisted of information about the customized shoes that are available for purchase. None of the regular tennis shoes or dress shoes (not customized) were available on the web. I wanted to shop through styles and different colors, etc. and I did not have the chance to do this. I really think that someone needs to look into this. I would rather shop at Skippers Shoes than other shoe stores online but wonât be able to if they donât have the product information online.


  • Identify the personality type and life stage based on your Reading and CSR Tool Belt.
  • Using the customer Tool Belt strategies, define the customer service problem.
  • Discuss what you would do to address the problem and the rationale behind your decisions.

Respond in a minimum of 2 pages (500 words) in APA format and citation style and include an extra title and references page.

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