Course Code and Name: BSB42415 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication Unit Code:

Course Code and Name:              BSB42415 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication          

Unit Code:                                        BSBMGT407                                      

Unit Title:                                         Apply digital solutions to work processes                                           

a) Conduct Research


The first part of this assessment requires you to conduct research about workplace digital applications.

As per the scenario information, conduct research to identify potential solutions for the company. Identify and review at least three online meeting solutions, with at least one of the solutions being a free for use software, which you will use for the next part of the assessment.

Name of software

Key features of the online meeting software, including system and equipment requirements

If and how it meets general intellectual property and copyright laws

Plans/pricing as applicable

Key benefits.

Your research should address the following:

Select a valid and reliable option that fits the organisation’s purpose and outline your reasons for selection.

Using your research, prepare a brief report that includes your comparison and preferred solution to submit to your assessor. Submit the report to your assessor.

b) Prepare for online meeting


You are now required to prepare for the online meeting with your assessor.

§ Complete the following preparation tasks:

§ Access or download the online meeting software and familiarise yourself with the system.

§ Research online meeting protocols – identify at least six online meeting protocols that should be followed. 

§ Develop a brief procedure that could be used by staff that covers the meeting protocols and written instructions on how to use the online meeting software (including accessing the software, setting up a meeting, how to use audio and share documents and any other important information). This document should be approximately one page. 

§ Prepare a short presentation using Prezi or PowerPoint about the online meeting application you have selected. You will use this presentation in Part D of this task.

The presentation should be for approximately two-three minutes and address the following:

–     The name of the application

–     Brief description of the application, including its use in the workplace

–     The benefits of using the application

–     How to access the digital application

–     How information is stored and retrieved (in relation to IP and copyright laws)

–     Any costs involved

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